Gegege no Kitaro DVD Magazine List

Starting in 2013, Kodansha released what they called a 'DVD Magazine', which packaged a short 20-30 page glossy booklet with a DVD containing 4 to 5 episodes of the old Gegege no Kitaro TV series, beginning with the 1972 Season 2, then ending with the 1968 Season 1. I've collected the DVD episodes here, along with links to my reviews and the translations of the History of Gegege no Kitaro pages.

Curtis Hoffmann

Season 2

Vol: 1

1Yokai FukatsuYokai Rebirth10/07/71
Kitaro has been missing for some time. He shows up in a small village where everyone refuses to acknowledge yokai, and pretends to not recognize Nezumi Otoko or Neko Musume.
2Yokai TanmonoYokai Cloth10/14/71
A devious humanoid yokai tricks other yokai into eating a berry that turns them into cloth that is then used to make lothes for humans. Those people wearing the cloth become yokai members of a 9-tailed fox's army to conquer the world.
3Yokai DaisaibanYokai Big Trial10/21/71
A yokai that has a deep-seated grudge against Kitaro convinces Nezumi Otoko to bring in a TV crew to record a yokai dance party. This violates yokai law and a legal court is held to convict Kitaro of the crime.
4Amefuri TenguRainy Weather Goblin10/28/71
A tengu with a grudge against humans doing construction near his home attacks everyone with his wind-generating fan. Kitaro shoots him in the eye with his hair and in revenge the tengu steals Medama Oyaji to be part of a surgical transplant.
Special:Shigeru Mizuki Interview, part 1
Special:2-minute Studio video tour

Vol: 2

5AshimagariFoot Impeder11/04/71
Surviving the construction work in the countryside, the last living member of demon flowers gets brought into a hotel and turns people violent. Kitaro falls asleep in the hotel and sees the flower as a pretty young girl, then decides to replant her somewhere safer.
6Shijin TsukiCorpse User11/11/71
A corpse-using yokai inhabits a recently deceased girl's body to propse to Nezumi Otoko. A shinto priest is brought in to exorcise the ghost, but he fails miserably.
7NekomataForked-Tailed Cat11/18/71
A guy from Singapore comes to Japan to ask Kitaro to kill a were-cat that is chasing away suitors seeking his daughter's hand in marriage.
8Manmosufurawa-Mammoth Flower11/25/71
A waste-licking demon, disgusted with the pollution generated by humans, causes a giant flower to spawn in Tokyo. The only way to defeat it is to clean the city up.
9Kami-samaMr. Hair12/02/71
A hair-based god demands regular sacrifices of young girls. It's powers come from a magical mirror that Nezumi Otoko is sucked into. It's main minion is a hairy version of Medama Oyaji.
Special:Shigeru Mizuki Interview, part 2

Vol: 3

10Anko-ruwatto no boureiThe Angkor Wat Ghosts12/09/71
Kitaro is invited to Angkor Wat to try to determine why a group of Japanese samurai ghosts are kidnapping women every 4 years.
11TsuchikorobiDirt Roller12/16/71
Nezumi Otoko contracts with Tsuchikorobi to provide it with energy (electricity, gasoline) in return for a bar of gold.
12Yamata no Orochi8-Headed Dragon12/23/71
Yobuko (Echo Spirit) is trapped in a tree shape. To escape, he tricks Nezumi Otoko into entering a diamond that contains the Yamata no Orochi, and allows him to switch bodies. Yobuko agrees to get Kitaro to enter the diamond so that Nezumi Otoko will be freed from the curse.
13KamabokoFish Paste12/30/71
Kitaro gets trapped in the body of a giant squid, and a merman uses him to catch fish that he then sells as Kamaboko (fish paste) to customers in Osaka.
Special:Video tour of Chofu, part 1

Vol: 4

14Kai-jidoushaMysterious Car01/06/72
A haunted car drags victims into a lake to drown as vengence against drivers.
15GyuukiCow Demon01/13/72
A giant woodtick-like demon living in the ocean turns fishermen into gyuuki that attack their own villages. Kitaro is turned into a Gyuuki and a local god is summoned to defeat him.
16Minami kara no ManekiInvitation from the South01/20/72
A group of frog people living in ruins in New Guinea contact a researcher telepathically and lure him to the island through messages he receives in his dreams.
17Enkiri MushiDivorce Bug01/27/72
Nezumi Otoko gets his hands on an Enkiri bug, and uses it to make money by forcing divorces between couples that want to break up. One former victim is a weapons dealer that wants to use the bug on a peace talks meeting to cause the next big war.
Special:Video tour of Chofu, part 2

Vol: 5

18Kofuku toiunano KaibutsuThe So-called Happiness Monster02/03/72
Nezumi Otoko sells the Jigoku Dama (Hell Ball) to a poverty-stricken guy, who uses it to wish for wealth and power. But, with each wish the ball gets bigger and will eventually explode and kill the guy's entire family. Neko Musume and Kitaro fruitlessly try to get it back from the guy's greedy wife before it kills her.
19KamanariKettle Chirping02/10/72
An enchanted rice cooking pot steals Kitaro's hair. Later, Nezumi Otoko visits a village being terrorized by the pot. It captures Nezumi, who finds Medama Oyaji and several children from the village trapped within what seems to be an ancient town inside the pot. Kitaro asks his yokai friends to help capture the pot and save everyone inside.
20Fukuro SageDangling Bag02/17/72
Nezumi Otoko encounters two treasure hunters seeking a pot that contains the Fukuro Sage, a burglar yokai that digs into banks to steal money for them. Fukuro Sake needs the energy from other yokai, so Nezumi Otoko tries to trick Kitaro into touching FS so it can take him over and get enough energy to burrow to a bank in Hong Kong.
21ShinpaiyaWorry Shop02/24/72
A hard-working pharmaceuticals company owner asks Kitaro for help in getting his lazy son to work harder. Kitaro says that he can't help, then Medama Oyaji tells Nezumi Otoko about the Bari Bari Tamago (Work Hard Egg), which could turn the "patient" into another Hitler. Nezumi opens up a shop to solve people's worries and sells the egg to the company owner. The son then attempts to discover a cure to all the world's illnesses, which would put the company out of business, so the owner asks Kitaro to change his boy back.
Special:Masako Nozawa interview, Part 1 (Kitaro voice actress)

Vol: 6

22Jigoku no MizuHell Water03/02/72
A scientist chasing ancient artifacts happens upon a cave containing Suijin (Water God), and tries to take some of the water back to Japan for testing. By accident he drops a mamori (protective amulet) that Nezumi Otoko had sold him containing Kitaro's photo. Suijin's main worshipper, Suijin Tsukai, comes to Japan exacting vengence, and uses a horn to control bodies of water to destroy Tokyo.
23Gyakumochi GoroshiReverse Mochi Killing03/09/72
A red demon yokai takes corpses from a village and uses their souls for mochi. The one remaining child at the village asks Kitaro for help, but he refuses because of the danger. Nezumi Otoko takes Kitaro's place, just to collect more money, but is hypnotized into attacking Kitaro. In the main climax, Kitaro and the demon attack each other with electricity and switch bodies.
24KasabakeUmbrella Ghost03/23/72
Nezumi Otoko uses a disguise to trick Kasabake into forcing Kitaro to hand over his vest. The vest lets Kasabake turn into a human and he takes the place of the son of a rich family, allowing Nezumi to set up what is effectively a hostage for ransom situation.
25Maboroshi no KishaPhantom Train03/30/72
The vampire creaure from the south, Pii, shows up with Marilyn Monroe and turns Nezumi Otoko into a vampire. Soon, an entire village is turned, and Kitaro as well. Medama Oyaji uses a phantom turn to reverse time for everyone onboard, which undoes the vampire effects, but ends up collapsing at the end.
Special:Masako Nozawa interview, Part 2
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 7

26OokubiBig Head04/06/72
Bone Woman is killing all of the leading figures worldwide in order to get their skeletons. Nezumi Otoki is one of her victims. The goal is to get Neko Musume to give poison to Kitaro and kill him to prepare the way for Ookubi (Big Head) to emerge from his cave and take over the world.
27IyamiBad Feeling04/13/72
A monster in the shape of a purple wandering priest is found in a hut by two children, a brother and sister. Nezumi Otoko happens on the kids and encourages them to notify a hospital. The guy revives, then blows mist at Nezumi, turning him into a letch that keeps trying to kiss the younger sister. Iyami feeds on people's feelings of pleasure and is quickly causing the nearby city to die. Kitaro is caught up in the mist as well, and fights Nezumi for ownership of the girl.
28AkanamiGrime Licker04/20/72
People keep disposing of their garbage in no-dumping zones. Eventually, this results in the birth of a talking fly, and a huge walking garbage pile (named Akanami), who then literally trashes the city. The fly can't focus on his meals with all the mice and cockroaches following Akanami around, so he finds a seed that turns the monster into a giant tree, thus restoring the city again.
29DaidarabocchiBig Darabocchi04/27/72
A group of 6 faceless dirt monsters carry a giant gold key around, jamming it into the ground and turning it to release the different body parts of the monster giant Darabocchi (a dirt monster). When mostly assembled, Darabocchi starts eating Japan, beginning with southern Kyushu and Kagoshima city. It takes a break and uses the Sakurajima volcano as a pipe. Kitaro tries to stop the group, but Nezumi Otoko pushes him into a chasm. However, Kitaro's hand rides on Nezumi's back until the dirt monsters locate Darabocchi's brain. The hand enters the brain and damages it, killing the dirt monsters and Darabocchi, and causing Kyushu t be restored.
Special:Walking tour of Mizuki Road, in Tottori, Part 1
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 8

30ShinigamiDeath God05/04/72
Shinigami, supposedly a death god, who looks like a gray granite statue, teams up with a witch to defeat Kitaro. He then claims to be Nezumi Otoko's older brother, and asks Nezumi to bring Kitaro to the graveyard, where the witch emerges in the shape of Kitaro's dead mother. The witch gives a bottle of hand-made juice to the boy, which actually contains poison. That night, the witch sends out wormlike tendrils from her hair to drain the boy, but ends up extracting her own poison, instead. Shinigami attacks Kitaro directly, but is defeated when Medama Oyaji shows up as a big, gaseous cloud and envelops him.
31AkashitaRed Tongue05/11/72
Akashita is a huge purple Sasquatch-like creature that poses as an onzen (hot spring) in front of a cave entrance, to swallow up victims. Hone-Onna (Bone Woman) is back as Akashita's minion. Between the two of them, they force Nezumi Otoko to bring Kitaro to the "onsen" to be eaten. Eventually, Akashita consumes the entire group, including Neko-Musume, Sunakake-Baba, Itanmomen, etc. He spits up a rock that contains their congealed souls. The rock gets shattered, and Medama Oyaji takes Kitaro's stomach and throws it into Akashita's mouth. Akashita doubles over in pain, then gets washed away in a river and disappears. Once he's defeated, everyone else recovers. As an attack, Akashita sticks out his tongue and spins it, which lets him control water. He uses this to make 8 spinning water balls that he rides on like a car.
32MokumokurenEye, Eye Group05/25/72
A road construction crew tries to get an old man to move away from a house so they can demolish it. He warns them of the yokai inside - Mokumokurun - but they tear it down anyway. That night, moth eyes show up in the camp and land on the supervisor's blanket, constricting it to turn the supervisor into a boulder. They then go after Nezumi Otoko, who is posing as a yokai cop. He throws off his robe and runs around naked until Kitaro and Neko-Musume show up. Kitaro tries to fight Mokumokuren, but is tricked by Nezumi to enter a house that Mokumokuren possesses. The house shrinks and Kitaro is turned into a large rock. Medama Oyaji, summons Kitaro's soul, and Neko comments that it's like watching a portable TV. He asks if she has something that manipulates light. The next day, she tricks Mokumokuren into chasing after her, then uses a magnifying glass to focus the monster at a camera. It's then trapped on film, and Kitaro returns to normal again.
33Akuma BueruDevil Baal06/01/72
A young boy working at a ramen shop dumps hot ramen on Nezumi Otoko, so Nezumi beats him up and the shop keeper fires him. But, the boy claims that he'd gone to a shrine where a yokai switched hands on him - his current hand is cursed and attacks anyone near him. Nezumi goes to the same shrine and gets his hand switched, which causes him to attack Kitaro.
Special:Walking tour of Mizuki Road, in Tottori, Part 2
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 9

34Shinigami to SatoriShinigami and Satori06/15/72
The gatekeeper to Hell, Enma, scolds Shinigami for not bringing in his quota of souls. Shinigami complains that people are living longer and not dying as much, but Enma threatens him with punishment in hell instead. Shinigami then teams with the mindreader Satori to target a specific successful businessman. The guy starts suffering from strong pains, and seeks out Kitaro's help. Kitaro tries to visit Satori in his mountain cave, but Shinigami attacks and the boy is trapped behind a rock fall. Satori visits the businessman and tells him the pain will stop if he sacrifices his wife and children in a car accident.
35Iisuta-tou KidanEaster Island Romantic Story06/22/72
A Yakuza-style fortune teller gets angry when a Peruvian teller moves into the neighborhood and takes his business. The Yakuza kills the Peruvian, and the blame is placed on her assistants - Neko Musume and Nezumi Otoko. The Yakuza steals the Peruvian woman's fortune stone and escapes to Easter Island, along the way finding his father's diary. His father was an explorer and he'd discovered a way to summon the demon Aku Aku. Kitaro and Nezumi get to the island first and help him summon Aku Aku, who turns out to be a death god. The Yakuza is crushed under a Moai, but a few days later, when Kitaro and Nezumi return to Tokyo, the Yakuza has reportedly turned himself into the police. Kitaro goes into the jail to see for himself, and the Yakuza turns to bones in front of his eyes.
36Yokai YashikiMonster Mansion06/29/72
A boy, Kinta, decides to visit a haunted house and chases Kageonna in the hopes of capturing her. Nezumi Otoko happens by and Kinta tries to get him to help. Nezumi is knocked unconscious and Kageonna tries to force a rock into Kinta's mouth, but fails. The boy's parents find him, and Nezumi is arrested for the attack. That night, Kageonna visits Kinta in the hospital and gets him to swallow the stone, which turns him into a ghost. Kinta then starts noticing all of the other ghosts following people around during the normal courses of their lives, and realizes that he's going to die, too. Kitaro tries to get the boy's father to let him help, but the guy believes in computers, not ghosts, and Kitaro is sent away. Kitaro finds Kageonna and fights her in order to restore Kinta to life again.
37ChisoganLand's Eye07/13/72
At the end of WWII, two Japanese soldiers happen on a bomb crater that leads to a tunnel connected to the monster realm. They find three glowing orbs - Chisogan (land orb), Tensogan (heaven orb) and Suisogan (water orb). The Chisogan sticks to the navel of one of the two guys and they escape in a panic to the surface. As time passes, the guy with the stuck orb becomes a rich and powerful businessman. But, he's visited by a worm monster who wants the orb back. The businessman is given the option of returning to the underworld himself or to sacrifice his only son. The worm agrees to give him 10 years to decide. 10 years later, the businessman asks Kitaro for help, but the worm is unrelenting. In the end, the businessman tries to save both of them, but his son betrays him. The monsters claim the businessman, and the worm turns the boy into another Chisogan.
Special:Walking tour of Mizuki Road, in Tottori, Part 3
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 10

38Kakurezato no ShinigamiThe Shinigami of the Isolated Village07/20/72
Kakure-zatou (Blind Man) is a yokai that spent years meditating on a tree stump, enduring the elements. Eventually, he learns to see the "bridge of time", which leads to a land beyond time. During a festival dedicated to him, Kakure enlists Shinigami to find him a beggar boy to take across the bridge, and Kitaro volunteers to go instead. In the other land, they discover a number of children that have been living there for hundreds of years. Kakure-zatou has been collecting them to save them from the fate of dying poor. The children beg to be released, so Kitaro fights Kakure and kills him. The children return across the bridge, but time catches up with them and they all die and turn to bones, then dust.
39Yokai SuishaYokai Waterwheel07/27/72
Tomokichi is a young boy who refuses to accept that his parents have both died at sea. During a festival dedicated to Mourei Yassan (vicious spirits), Tomokichi sneaks into the cave behind the Mourei Yassan shrine, and sees the master of the spirits (Nushi) turning the newly drowned dead into Mourei. Nushi discovers the boy and curses him to become a Mourei. Kitaro saves the boy initially, but when the villagers go out fishing, they're attacked by a water wave (Suisha) and Tomokichi is captured and taken underwater where he meets the spirits of his parents. He finally accepts that they are dead, but Nushi arrives to kill him, too.
40GenshisanMister Primeval08/10/72
Tokyo has become polluted and overbuilt, so the primeval yokai, Genshi-san (AKA: Ecology) shows up and turns the entire city into an overgrown jungle. While most people enjoy their new freedom, a business magnate and the chief of police work seperately to destroy the creature. Genshi-san tells Kitaro that he can't be destroyed, and will be fully recovered by returning to the ocean. The police chief orders a full military attack on Genshi after he gets into the water, and is probably uneffected by the missiles. But it does underscore the stupidity and selfishness of humans. Shortly after Genshi-san leaves, Tokyo returns to its normal, polluted self.
41ReikeishijutsuSpirit Shape Surgery08/17/72
A woman too much in love with her own looks keeps visiting plastic surgeons for touch-up work. The guy in love with her is an unattractive wimp and she tells him to go away. Desperate, the guy asks Nezumi Otoko for help in finding his own plastic surgeon, and Nezumi takes him to Zunbara. Zunbara is a faceless yokai that likes taking the faces of famous people for his collection (Lincoln, actor Kiyoshi Atsumi, Charles Bronson) and uses human souls in various foods (donuts or wedding cake) to cause his victim's face to peel off. Ultimately, the woman is discovered to be kind of a yokai herself and she turns into a rock after eating Zunbara's wedding cake. There's a very strange sequence with voices not matching the animation, and a parody chase scene when Kitaro steals Zunbara's collection case. In the end, Kitaro and Zunbara turn out to be on the same side and they part as friends, while abandoning Nezumi in the middle of a distant forest.
Special:Walking Tour of Jindaiji, in Chofu.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Season 1

Vol: 12

1Obake Naita-Ghost Night Game01/03/68
One member of a school baseball team finds a yokai bat lying on the ground in a graveyard, and takes it home. It's a "never-miss bat", and suddenly the team is doing so well that they're getting hundred thousand dollar offers from managers that want to hire them. 100 Eyes Boy discovers that he's misplaced the bat, and Kitaro has to help him get it back. Since the human boys don't want to give it up, Kitaro has a showdown with them against the yokai team. If the humans win, they can keep the bat; if they lose, they have to go to hell.
A guitarist comes to town and when he plays a song, all the children in the area collapse in comas. Kitaro visits the hospital where the children are kept, and the doctor laughs him out of the room for suggesting that this is the work of a yokai. Eventually, he discovers that the villain is a flying hair piece that has possessed the bald guitarist and has turned him into a demon. Yasha wants the souls of the children to prolong his life. Yasha gets defeated by being set on fire, and the guitarist turns to ashes as well.
3YokaijoDemon Castle01/17/68
Nezumi Otoko discovered a sacred rock with a Shinto seal placed on it. He removed the seal and the rock reverted to its original form as a monster castle. There are three monsters living in the castle, with the main one being Tantanbou (a floating head that just laughs at people, and uses sticky tears from his eyes as weapons). Nezumi thinks that Tantanbou will become the new leader of the yokai, and is helping him with capturing children from a nearby village as delicious sacrifices. Kitaro gets the village elder to offer his granddaughter as bait, but she is eventually captured and the monsters prepare to eat her. It looks like Kitaro has been squished flat by Tantanbou and turned into a rug by one of the other monsters. Nezumi takes his vest and puts it on himself. Kitaro controls the vest by remote, squeezing Nezumi until the rat throws the Shinto seal back onto the castle, turning it into a rock again, and imprisioning the 3 monsters.
4Kyuuketsuki Ra Se-nuThe Vampire La Seine01/24/68
La Seine is a blood sucker living in Paris. At a big gala, he invites a pretty girl to dance with him, then sucks all her blood out from her back through his long fingers. This is victim 13, and the police are getting suspicious of him, so he and his henchman decide to travel to Japan and kill Kitaro. They contract to get support from Nezumi Otoko, but he just sets up a booth and sells a "vaccine" designed to help people that are low on blood. Kitaro saw the news on TV about the problems in France, and he's expecting La Seine to come to Tokyo. The henchman shoots Kitaro with a machine gun and the boy disappears in the smoke. From this point, La Seine and his henchman get terrorized by one of Kitaro's geta, until they accidently set their cabin on fire and die in the blaze.
7Yuurei DenshaSpirit Train02/14/68
Kitaro and Nezumi Otoko visit a human-made house of horrors, and Nezumi is insulted at the fabricated creatures inside. So, the two of them decide to create their own monster house, using real monsters. Things are going well until two thugs happen by and bully the monsters in the house of horrors. Kitaro forces the monsters to behave, and they all get roughed up by the thugs. Later, Kitaro decides that he's going to put the scare into the thugs by waiting until they're drunk, and then getting them on the Spirit Train going to hell, filled with the monsters from the house of horrors.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 13

5Daikaijuu ZenpenBig Sea Monster, Part 101/31/68
Yamada is a scientific researcher who goes to New Guinea with a team to get blood from a giant sea creature. The creature wipes out the rest of the team, and Yamada tries to take the vial of blood from Kitaro in order to win fame and glory back in Japan. Kitaro follows him across the island, and then they're rescued by an ocean liner. Yamada is afraid Kitaro will talk, so he injects the boy with some of the blood. Kitaro turns into a replica of the sea monster and escapes into the ocean. He's pursued by the military but scares them by partially sucking them into a whirlpool. Yamada is given a hero's welcome in Tokyo, while Medama Oyaji and Nezumi Otoko are afraid that Kitaro may be dead. Kitaro swims to the Japan coastline and prepares to return home.
6Daikaijuu KohenBig Sea Monster, Part 202/07/68
Kitaro makes it to Tokyo, so Yamada panics at the thought of being exposed and builds a giant robot. He and Kitaro fight, but eventually Yamada has a change of heart and he develops an antidote that turns Kitaro back to normal.
8KagamijijiOld Man in the Mirror02/21/68
Kitaro is sensing a very strong yokai power that causes him to visit an antique shop, where the clerk is desperate to sell the old mirror he has. Kitaro and Nezumi are kicked out of the shop, and a rich guy comes by and buys the mirror for his daughter. That night, the daughter disappears and an old man buys the mirror off the maid of the house (the money turns to leaves afterward). Kitaro tracks down the guy but fails to defeat him the first time. Nezumi is also sucked into the mirror, and both he and the girl lose their bodies. Finally, Kitaro fights Kagami-jiji again and breaks the mirror, killing Jiji and freeing the girl and Nezumi.
9Miage NyuudouBald Eye's Up02/28/68
Miage Nyuudou lives in a came in the mountains, and he punishes anyone young enough by forcing them to attend "yokai cram school". One tough punk defaces Miage's cage, and gets kidnapped by a strong gust of wind as a result. Kitaro decides to save the boy, and allows himself to be kidnapped as well. Miage can change size, and is impossible to trap, normally.
Special:Yasuo Yamaguchi Interview, Director/Producer at Toei Studios.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 14

10Youkai Daisenso, ZenpenBig Yokai Battle, Part 103/06/68
Back Beard (a Beholder), Dracula, Wolfman and Witch decide that life for them is too annoying in London, so they travel by ship to a small island in Japan where they plan to create a new land for western monsters. While they try to locate the humans on the island for enslavement and eating, Kitaro and a few of his friends show up to protect their homeland.
11Youkai Daisenso, KohenBig Yokai Battle, Part 203/13/68
Back Beard hypnotises Kitaro and Nezumi into becoming his slaves. Medama Oyaji grabs Kitaro's vest and brings it back to the boy to help him snap out of the spell. Kitaro does finally defeat the western monsters, but in the process Nurukabe, Sunakake Baba and a couple others die in battle. Kitaro mourns their loss, and Medama says that this is what happens in a war.
12Yokai NurarihyonThe Monster Nurarihyon03/20/68
Nurarihyon loves blowing things up, such as airplanes and bullet trains. However, he's afraid that Kitaro will show up and put a stop to his fun. He's visited by Jakosu Babaa, who suggests using Nezumi to trick Kitaro into a trap and killing him. Nurarihyon meets Nezumi in a pachinko parlor and bribes him into talking Kitaro into going to a BBQ party. In the mountains, Kitaro and Nezumi both fall into a hole, which Nurarihyon seals up with cement. But, Kitaro uses his remote-control hand to take over Nurarihyon's arm, and tortures him and Jakosu Babaa until they visit the pit. There, they discover that Kitaro has escaped. Jakosu plans to trap the boy in a bottle of holding, but he brings them home and shows them something that looks like a TV that can view the past. It's actually a time machine, and Kitaro pushes them inside, where they get stuck being chased by a dinosaur.
13JigokunagashiThe Trip to Hell03/27/68
Two bank robbers kill some bank employees during a robbery, and escape to a graveyard, where they plan on visiting Kitaro's house to hide from the law. Along the way, they kill some of the crows, causing Kitaro to swear revenge. He gets both of the robbers to go to hell and leaves them for the night, with the plan of turning them and the money over to the police the next day. (This is very similar to one of the stories in Garo, but very watered down.)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 15

14SuikoWater Tiger04/07/68
Yuriko is a young village girl visiting the grave of her mother when she hears a strange voice that seems to be crying for help. Following it, she dscovers a sealed urn in another grave. She opens the urn to release a tiger-shaped yokai named Suiko (water tiger). Suiko drains the moisture from everything it touches, killing plants and animals alike. Yuriko runs to the village to warn everyone of the danger, but the villagers attack her with rocks. Suiko rescues the girl, but now the mayor is convinced that she's the real danger. Kitaro has been watching everything on the yokai TV, and he uses the crow line to fly out to the village to straighten everything out. Eventually, Suiko chases around Kitaro to make him dizzy and fall over before trying to enter his body through his mouth to kill him. Kitaro instead sits down in a snowbank and freezes Suiko, allowing him to put the resulting ice cubes back into the urn to seal it. Filled with remorse, the mayor decides to adopt Yuriko to take care of her. (This episode includes a scene where Kitaro is teaching the insects to sing the opening theme song. Unfortunately, there's a huge amount of recycled animation as well.)
15Kyuuketsu Eri-to zenpenElite the Vampire, Part 104/14/68
The vampire, Elite, has come to Japan after spending 200 years in France, with a plan to take the blood from 1000 famous people. One of his first victims is a company president that receives a black warning letter. The president asks Kitaro for help. Meanwhile, Elite placed a help wanted ad in the newspaper, which is answered by Nezumi Otoko. Elite's main power is through the music he plays on an acoustic guitar. He plays the opening theme song to lure Kitaro to an alley and then captures him. Nezumi fails to get Kitaro to switch sides, so Elite uses a serum to turn Kitaro into a liquid. Medama Oyaji forces Nezumi to pour Kitaro into a jar. Then, Kitaro's geta walk away on their own, indicating that he's still alive, somehow. (Features a mountain built of human skulls, and a great guitar version of the theme song.)
16Kyuuketsu Eri-to, kohenElite the Vampire, Part 204/21/68
A horned beetle helps Medama Oyaji in rescuing Kitaro from Elite's house, and the jar holding the Kitaro liquid is sent to the yokai hospital for treatment. Kitaro uses the remote-controlled geta to harrass Elite for a while, while also thwarting his plans to bite the company president. In anger, Elite throws Nezumi into a sand pit, then is knocked in after him. Both of them escape, then Kitaro comes back and has Nezumi set Elite's house on fire, which ultimately destroys both Elite and all his vampire bats. As a reward from the government, Kitaro accepts a box of cake.
17Neko SenninCat Master04/28/68
The Japanese government office for planning freeway construction discovers that one particular freeway has been diverted around a cat shrine. In attempting to destroy the shrine, the workers are attacked by cats (Nezumi was one of the workers.) Kitaro is called in to help Nezumi, and discovers an entire town where the roles of people and cats are reversed. Behind the cat shrine is a cave where a 1,200-year old ascetic lives. The ascetic, through his deprivations, had turned into Neko Sennin (Cat Master) and is the one controlling the cats in the village. After fighting him, Kitaro defeats Neko Sennin and the road construction can proceed. During which, the mummified remains of a 1,200-year-old corpse are uncovered from the grave and finally laid to rest.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 16

18MajoningyoWitch Statue05/05/68
Witch is looking to start a new coven in Japan, and she begins by finding a rebellous young girl and tempting her with illusions of sweet cakes. The girl lets Witch take her soul, and then attempts to recruit other girls to join her. Kitaro interfers and eventually defeats witch without killing her. Witch escapes to the other world, where Enma Daioh punishes her for failing in her mission, and turns her into a regular old woman. She tries to make a living selling curse dolls, and it's up to Nezumi Otoko and Kitaro to show her how to become a businesswoman.
19KyuketsukiBlood-sucking Tree05/12/68
A floating eyeball infects people in one village with pollen that turns them into trees. It attempts to do the same with Kitaro, and the local villagers try to chop Kitaro down to throw him in a mass grave where he won't "infect" anyone else. Medama Oyaji and one of the village kids fends them off and by morning, Kitaro "hatches" from one of the fruits on the tree. The villagers then get punished by being zapped by yokai electricity while Kitaro fights the floating eye. The story ends with the eye turning into a tree intself.
20Nekomusume to NezumiotokoCat Girl and Mouse Man05/19/68
Enma Daioh, the gatekeeper to hell, will occasionally issue orders to various yokai to kill humans that have become too dangerous to stay on Earth. Amefuru Kozo (Rain Boy) has received one such "red letter", but he can't bring himself to hurt anyone so he goes to Kitaro for help. Neko Musume volunteers to do the job, but the target has already died of some sudden disease before she can arrive. A few other people suffer the same fates, and the people of Tokyo are soon desperate for salvation. Nezumi Otoko sees the opportunity to get rich quick, and he starts selling "medicine" that will protect people from the San-chuu (3-headed insect) that normally live in yokai, and who can tell Enma Daioh if the host has died or not. This results in Enma sending a red letter to Kitaro to kill Nezumi. Neko again volunteers and poses as a potential bride to the now-wealthy Nezumi. There's a brief fight, and Nezumi promises to return his money to the people he's duped. However, Enma is now angry and he kidnaps Medama Oyaji (Kitaro's father) as punishment for not following orders. Kitaro tells Nezumi that the San-chuu will die if he goes on a hunger strike, and that will signal to Enma that Nezumi is indeed dead. The two of them go on a 2-week hunger strike. Eventually, Enma receives a message that Nezumi's San-chuu is dead, and Medama Oyaji is released from hell and free to leave. Back on the surface, Kitaro provides Nezumi with a tray of steamed meat buns, warning Nezumi that if he eats too much, a new San-chuu will grow in his body to tell Enma that he's still alive, but Nezumi is too hungry to care.
23Touge no YoukaiRidge Monster06/09/68
The mayor of a small village found a strange piece of paper with a figure drawn on it, and decided to burn it as trash, thus releasing the yokai Buru Buru. Burur Buru is a frost ghost, and she takes up residence on a cliff overlooking the village, causing traffic to crash through the guard rail and killing people on the rocks below. Kitaro is brought in, and he succeeds in pinning Buru Buru to a tree using his hair attacks. He leaves to find more paper to seal the yokai in. Meanwhile, Nezumi Otoko has been working as the chef for the mayor and the local beat cop (the cop is a beligerent idiot that denies the existence of yokai even after being defeated by Buru Buru). Nezumi goes into the woods looking for new menu items, and eats Buru Buru. This causes him to start getting really cold, and eventually for the entire forest to turn to ice. Kitaro finds Nezumi, and takes him into the village to be put into a hot tub. When Nezumi thaws, Buru Buru tries to escape, but Kitaro inhales her, puts her into a balloon, and then releases her into the sky.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 17

21Youkaijuu, zenpenMonster Beast, Part 105/26/68
Demolition of some hills in a remote part of Shizuoka, in Japan, results in the destruction of a mountain occupied by the 108 Tanuki clan. The tanuki had been protecting an underground lake occupied by a giant catfish. With the tanuki awake and active, a second moon comes to earth, causing major panic. A scientist teams up with Kitaro, and his plan is to use the military to shoot missiles at the second moon. This angers the cat fish, and the tanuki make Kitaro promise to fix the problem. Instead, he seals up the cave, trapping the tanuki. By breaking the promise, the tanuki curse him into growing lots of body hair. Nezumi returns to Shizuoka to remove the protective seal at the cave entrance, and as thanks the tanuki attack and beat him up. The military shoots missiles at the scond moon, which splashes into Tokyo Bay and turns into a giant monster (Youkai-juu), which destroys the ships there.
22Youkaijuu, kohenMonster Beast, Part 206/02/68
While the giant monster tears up Tokyo and chases afer Kitaro, the Tanuki use the hole originally created by the monster to form a mountain in the center of the city, which they cap with a palace for themselves. The monster steps on Kitaro, who allows himself to be crushed so that the yokai acid in his body can be released to rot the monster into a loose collection of bones. The Tanuki then call on the giant catfish for revenge. However, the scientists have located a second cave in Hokkaido that the Tanuki can be sealed within, and Medama Oyaji carries the original cave seal to Hokkaido. When the seal is placed over the new cave entrance, the 108 Tanuki turn to stone, and the catfish is defeated. Ittan Momen, the cloth monster, had been fighting alongside Kitaro in this episode, and had been cut to pieces by a female Tanuki with a pair of scissors, but he recovers after having some water spilled on him. After being killed, Kitaro reincarnates as a baby at some hospital, and the episode ends with the others standing around, watching an infant cry in an incubator. (A HUGE amound of recycled animation and crowd scenes this time.)
24HakusanbouWhite Mountain Priest06/16/68
A fox spirit discovers a man attempting to commit suicide near Mount Fuji, and arranges a deal to help the guy out in return for his daughter's hand in marriage when she reaches age 16. The guy had been penniless and dispaired of raising his infant daughter by himself, which is why he'd gone to Fuji. But, by tending to the shrine dedicated to the fox, named Hakusan-bou, he and his daughter prospered and she'd grown up to be a pretty girl. Unfortunately, she's to turn 16 in one more day, and her father wants to reneg on the deal. He goes to Sunakake Baba for advice, and she tells him to get find someone else born on the same day, kill her and then harvest her hair so the fox will think the girl had died. The guy then approaches Nezumi Otoko to come up with a scheme (fortunetelling) to locate a suitable stand-in. Kitaro interferes, and then fights Hakusan-bou to save the girl. (This is a very frustating episode, because the girl's voice actress is miscast, and her animator can't draw her the same way two scenes in a row. However, Nezumi is smitten by her, and is very upset at the end of the story at not being able to marry her himself.)
25Denki YokaiElectricity Monster06/23/68
A remote village hasn't had rain in 1 year, and Nezumi pretends to be a rain maker in return for payment, which he then intends to use to hire a scientist to seed the clouds with dry ice to make it rain. A prop plane takes the dry ice to the one cloud visible in the sky, and inside the cloud the scientist sees a Thunder Demon standing on a big floating rock. The demon causes the plane to crash, and the three occupants end up safely on the rock. The Japanese military sends out fighter jets, which are all destroyed. Kitaro and Konyaku Jiji use a pair of 1-legged umbrella monsters to fly to the rock, and Jiji fights with the demon until they both fall to earth. Kitaro uses lengths of rope to short the floating rock to the tree stumps below in order to bleed the electrical charge off the rock and make it land on the ground to rescue the three humans on it. Jiji turns out to be ok, but the demon is still up and about. Kitaro gets into an electrity contest with the demon and it is eventually destroyed, which allows the rain to return to the village.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 18

26UmizatoBlind monk of the Sea06/30/68
A small girl, Fumiko, is riding on a cruise ship with her brother when a fog rolls in. Fumiko screams, and all her brother can find is a pool of water on the deck where she'd been standing. The boy goes looking for the yokai post and runs into Nezumi, who promises to help in return for a cash reward. Nezumi discovers that Kitaro is laid up in a cabin, sick, so he redirects some dump trucks to dump dirt on the cabin, and follows this up with the promise of a quiet relaxing ride on a handmade houseboat. Pretty quickly, their food supplies turn rancid, and the little portable garden they're pulling behind them dies off. That night, Kitaro dozes off at the tiller and wakes up to find some ghosts pouring water into their garden boat using ladles. One spirit is caught, and he confesses that they're all drowning victims being controlled by a water god named Umizato. It becomes a fight between Kitaro and Umizato over the trapped drowned spirits, and to rescue Fumiko from becoming Umizato's bride. In the end, Nezumi's attempts to find Umizato's treasure, or to get his cash reward, fail.
27Odoro OdoroScary Scary07/07/68
One day, Kitaro hears a commotion outside his tree house, and looks out to see a large package containing a plastic airplane model. He assembles the model, which is large enough to hold him. He gets inside, and it takes off on its own and carries him to a remote island, where it crashes. Also on the island are most of Kitaro's yokai friends, sent there apparently just to get them out of the way. A TV station hires Nezumi to appear on a news broadcast to tell viewers about the airplane incidents, where several children have already been abducted. Nezumi is forced to get in a plane, and it takes him to the house of Odoro Odoro, a monster that is largely just a head. Odoro sucks out Nezumi's blood then throws his body into a mixer where it is cremated. Medama Oyaji knits a rope net and asks the crows to carry him to where Kitaro is. The boy gets rescued, then follows the yokai trail to Odoro's house. There, a boy named Shotaro tries to get him to leave, but Odoro captures Kitaro, drinks his blood and throws the body in the mixer again. Kitaro wakes up in one version of hell, surrounded by Nezumi and a number of the boys that Odoro had captured and killed. Kitaro uses his vest to return to the real world. Shotaro tells them that his father was a scientist that was researching yokai. He made a Jeckel and Hyde formula that turned him into Odoro, a monster that drinks blood. Another group of children arrive by model planes, so Kitaro fights Odoro and sucks the blood back out of him, killing him. The other chidlren are restored by having the blood poured into the mixer and the machine put into reverse. While everyone else is happy at being saved, Shotaro hates Kitaro for killing his father. (This episode is marked by a change in closing theme songs, "Kitaro Nai Nai Ontou" by Kazuo Kumakura.)
28Makura GaeshiPillow Changer07/14/68
Yumekichi is a young boy that is always half-asleep. In fact, he's been targeted by a yokai that lives in the dream world, Makura Gaeshi. Eventually, he disappears entirely, and his mother asks Kitaro for help. Kitaro and Nezumi climb to the top of a mountain, where they use Kitaro's geta to walk over a rainbow to the world of dreams. Kitaro finds Yumekichi and tries to carry him back to reality, but Makura uses his remote controlled bracelets to capture Medama Oyaji and sends him off to a remote area occupied by tapir. Medama frees the Tapir from their pen, and they chase Makura around for a while before eating the dreamscape and falling out. Makura chases Kitaro in the real world and captures him with a bracelet around the neck. Kitaro collapses in front of a fence which turns out to be part of a tapir cage in a zoo. Makura falls over and the next thing we see is a tapir spitting out Makura's clothes. Yumekichi wakes up in his own bed, with his mother asleep next to him. It looks like this has all been something his mother's been dreaming. (Closing theme is "Nai.")
29Kagami GassenBattle in the Mirror07/21/68
A fire in a shrine building causes Kitaro and Medama to come investigate. One of the priests yells out that a cursed mirror has been stolen. Kitaro hides in the store room and pounces on an intruder - Nezumi, who had stolen a different mirror from some house in the countryside and was visiting the store room to hide out. The second mirror has a young girl trapped inside, so Medama says the only solution is to gather a number of other yokai and chant a Shinto ritual song. They do this, and the girl is freed. But, she claims that Medama is too scary and he's forced to go back home. Kitaro refuses to help anyone that rejects his father, but the other yokai talk him into helping anyway. The girl says that her family gave her an old mirror, and when she was combing her hair in front of it, a monster grabbed her and pulled her in. Kitaro has the group repeat the chant, which causes a storm to build up. When he hits the mirror with a hammer, lightning blows up the building they're in, and Kitaro is now trapped in the mirror. In fact, the thief that stole the first mirror had left it unguarded and Nezumi took it thinking the box held some cake. He tossed the mirror to the ground, releasing the girl, who asked for his help in trapping Kitaro. The first mirror is thrown in the ocean, and the second is used to capture Kitaro. The second one is then buried in the forest and the girl refuses to give Nezumi his promised reward, so he goes back to the other yokai and they recover the first mirror from the ocean. It's used to free Kitaro from the second mirror, and then turn the girl to her real form as a floating grudge. The grudge swallows Medama and Nezumi, and Kitaro throws salt on it to rescue those two. In the end, Nezumi has to return the stolen mirror to the shrine, and is arrested and put in jail for 2 weeks.
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 19

30Akuma BerialDemon Berial07/28/68
Berial is a western demon that came to Japan on a trade ship during the Meiji era. He was spied by a crow tengu (demon with a crow face) who realized his power and sealed his magic abilities away at the top of a mountain. For the last 100+ years, Berial's been looking for that tengu, while trying to do cheap sleight-of-hand tricks to make money. He finds Nezumi, and performs a "bai-bai" trick, which supposedly increases the amount of money he has (bai = x2), but really is a pun for stealing it (bye-bye). Nezumi locates the tengu, frees Berial's power, and uses a western spell from Berial to bury the tengu underground. Berial then decides to follow through on his original plan of turning Japan into his personal empire, and making Nezumi one of his many slaves. Nezumi doesn't like this turn of events and helps Kitaro fight Berial. Berial turns himself into several large balls of body parts (one ball of eyes, one of noses, ears, hands and feet). Kitaru uses his rocket fingers to puncture the balls and defeats the demon. Nezumi then reverses the earlier spell to rescue the tengu from the ground. Everyone then retires to Sunakake Baba's summer home for a rest.
A young boy's grandfather has died and is being buried in a graveyard. The priest warns him about the possibility of Mouryou (goblins) taking the body, so he stands vigil over the grave, and stops a kind of zombie trying to dig the casket up. In the struggle, the boy breaks a finger off the zombie and it falls in his pocket. Eventually, the grandfather's casket is dug up, but it's by grave robbers who sell bodies to a university hospital for autopsy practice. The zombie gets into the casket, then chases people around the building. Eventually, Kitaro burns the body with yokai fire, revealing the true yokai spirit controlling the corpse. It goes into the body of a dead dog, which also gets burned. It tries taking over the finger in the boy's pocket, but that too is destroyed, and then Mouryou is finally fully defeated. (Closing theme is "Nai.")
32YoukaBewitching Flower08/11/68
Hanako is an orphan being raised by an aunt. One day she was playing "Home, Sweet Home" on her harmonica, a song taught to her by her parents, when a strange seed floated by and landed in a flower pot. It turned into a weird vine that kept crawling into her room. She gets concerned and contacts Kitaro through the yokai post. Neither Kitaro nor Medama recognize the plant, and it keeps attacking them and Nezumi, but is easily controlled by Hanako. Kitaro figures that the seed came from some jungle island, so he goes undersea to raise a giant clam that is designed to act like a yokai cruise ship. The clam takes the group to an island populated by pygmy oni that attack them by spitting arrows at them. The group runs towards a giant tree, which has the same seeds as the vine plant. The tree drops flowers near its trunk, so Kitaro and Nezumi dig at that point to reveal a cave entrance. At the back of the cave, the tree has its roots in a pile of bones. One of the skeletons has a ring on its finger with the family name "Hanada", which is Hanako's last name. Nearby is a diary written by her parents. In it we're told that the Japanese families living on the island during WW II had taken refuge in the cave, and they were all apparently killed during an air raid. The spirits of Hanako's parents had entered the tree, and it was concerned about her well-being. Hanako builds a grave at the base of the tree, and the heroes return to Tokyo by clam boat as the pygmi oni wave good bye. (The song Hanako plays is called "Hanyuu no Yado" and treated as being Japanese in origin. Also, the closing theme is "Nai" again.)
33Sazae OniTurban Shell Demon08/18/68
While fishing, Nezumi catches a mermaid child, which is rescued by a monster with its eye in its mouth, called Sazae Oni. Nezumi hopes to use the mermaid boy in a sideshow to make money, while Sazae shapechanges into a fake Kitaro to assault Nezumi and get the real Kitaro arrested. Sazae's plan is to terrorize the mermaid boy and get Kitaro's attention in order to become immortal. In a twist on the "eat mermaid flesh", Sazai lives an extra 300 years when it eats humans, and it hopes to do even better by eating Kitaro. It has "Kitaro-yaki", then attempts to sell snail shells (Tsubo) to trap more humans by sucking them into the shells. The police detective that wants to re-arrest "Kitaro" foils this plot, and Medama talks Sazae into luring tourists who like rubber suit monsters by sitting in the sun along the beach. This causes Sazae to sweat out the real Kitaro, and in the subsequent battle, Kitaro rips out Sazae's tongue, killing it and showing Sazae's true form as a turban shell sea creature. The sea is now safe for the mermaid boy to return to, and Nezumi is out the money from his sideshow act. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Walking Geta

Vol: 20

34SarakozoPlate Boy08/25/68
A down and out 60's rock group, The Bimbows (The Poor Guys) visit a bridge over a river, where they hear a kappa singing "Pattanko" (Flat). They steal the song and become rich and famous. However, the kappa, Sara Kozo, gets angry and kidnaps the band and puts them in a cage in Hell. The lead singer's son asks Kitaro to help, so initially Kitaro and Nezumi try to talk to Sara Kozo nicely, but he just takes advantage of them. Kitaro loses his temper, which makes Sara Kozo mad and the kappa tries to fry Kitaro with lightning. One of the lightning bolts zaps Sara Kozo in the head and that causes the water in the depression in his head to dry up. He turns into an imbecile, accidentally revealing the location of the band. As the Bimbows are led to safety, the lead singer tries stealing the Gegege Kitaro song. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
35KomayokaiSpinning Top Monster09/01/68
An old-looking hermit, Amamehagi, with mushrooms growing from the top of his head, newly awake after sleeping for 100+ years, encounters a group of school kids out in the mountains hunting for mushrooms. He mesmerizes them using one of his mushrooms as a top and then licks their feet raw. Kitaro and Nezumi see the kids, and Kitaro decides to go teach Amamehagi a lesson by defeating him at battle tops (using Medama Oyaji as a top) and then making him promise to leave the mountain. Amamehagi talks Nezumi into luring Kitaro to a trap and hits the boy on the head with a tree branch. There's a battle, and Kitaro pulls all the mushrooms out of the yokai's head. Finally bald again, Amamehagi says that it was the mushrooms causing him to lick children's feet, but he's cured now. Kitaro and Nezumi walk away with Amamehagi yelling "goodbye" after them. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
36Daiyamondo YoukaiDiamond Monster09/08/68
A young girl, Junko, goes to a diamond shop to sell a huge rock. The appraiser realizes that it's worth millions, but only offers the girl about $50 for the "fake" because he feels sorry for her. The appraiser and a shop clerk keep the rock in a lock box and that night, hear laughter coming from the box. The next day, they fail to show up at the shop for work. Junko, meanwhile, had sent a letter via yokai post to ask Kitaro for help in finding her father. Her dad was a diamond hunter, and one night he disappeared from his workroom after screaming. Nezumi is trying to train piranha near one of the entrances to hell when he sees two men walking by. Kitaro and Medama are afraid that humans will find a way into Hell, so they meet up with Nezumi and follow the jewelers to a cave tunnel. In the cave is a giant diamond, which Nezumi covers with a boulder to keep from losing it. Deeper in the cave they run into the two jewelers, who attack them to protect the thousands of diamonds lying on the ground. A flaming wheel with a head in the middle, Wanyuudo, flies up and uses his breath to turn everyone but Kitaro into diamonds. Kitaro finds a mirror and uses it to reflect Wanyuuno's breath at him to turn him into a diamond; he falls to the ground and shatters. The new victims revert to normal, and all of the "diamonds" they'd collected turn out to be human bones. There's a scream for help near the cave entrance - Junko's father is pinned under a boulder. He's freed and everyone goes back home. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
37Te no MeEyes in the Hands09/15/68
Shinkichi is a school boy and a model student. One night on the way from home he is approached by what looks like a blind old man with eyes in his hands. The next day, Shinkichi's right hand acts on its own to write insults to his teacher on a test sheet. He attacks his parents, and ultimately he ends up stealing bags of money from a banker, all the while claiming that he's not the one doing it. Kitaro is called for help, which he has to provide alone because Medama has come down with a cold. Nezumi's greed turns out to be a good thing because he realizes that Tenome (Hand Eyes) is using Shinkichi to amass a personal fortune. Kitaro and Tenome fight, and Tenome sends one of his eyes to place itself over Kitaro's eye, making him see illusions. Kitaro closes his eye and uses his yokai detector (the spike of hair on the top of his head) to locate the real Tenome. Kitaro shoots his hair and apparently kills Tenome by piercing the eyelids in his hands. Tenome's eye falls off Kitaro's face, and Shinkichi returns to normal. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 21

38Oritatami NyuudoFolding Monster09/22/68
A few people report that Nezumi Otoko has been cheating them of money that had been put into the yokai post, but Nezumi himself denies responsibility. Kitaro develops a big lump on the bottom of his foot, preventing him from investigating so Nezumi takes his place. Pretty soon, Nezumi encounters the imposter, who claims to be his younger brother. Little Nezumi has a box with a pop-up folding monster inside - Oritatami Nyuudo, who they use to try to defeat Kitaro in order to continue defrauding people of money. Eventually, Oritatami does swallow Kitaro, followed by a monju (red bean paste bun) that was found next to him. The monju turns out to be the lump at the bottom of Kitaro's foot, which had been removed and disguised. The monju is poisonous and it overpowers Oritatami. Kitaro attacks Little Nezumi, revealing him to really be Mujina, a badger yokai. Mujina escapes and Oritatami turns into a straw dummy. Nezumi is heartbroken over the loss of his "little brother" and Kitaro forgives him while thinking about what it would be like if he had a little brother of his own. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
39Youkai GundanMonster Army Corps09/29/68
A strange floating building arrives on the shores of Japan, accompanied by two yokai acting as advance forces of an invasion army. One is Akamata, a double-moustached guy with poisonous rings on his hands, and the other is a monkey-like creature with a palm tree growing out of the top of his head - Yashiotoshi. Akamata tries to get Nezumi to trick Kitaro into touching his hands. This fails and Akamata spits mucus around as part of his second form of attack. He and Kitaro grapple and then roll down a hill. At the bottom, dirt has combined with the mucus to turn Akamata into a rock. Kitaro tasks Nezumi with disposing of the rock, but those two are intercepted by Yashiotoshi and his bomb-coconuts. One bomb explodes on Akamata, who turns into a vapor and hides in Nezumi's stomach. Nezumi grabs Kitaro and tries to drain his energy, but the amount released overpowers Akamata, who inflates so much that Nezumi's stomach explodes, but this does defeat Akamata once and for all. Yashiotoshi wants revenge, but he's ultimately burned to death by demon fire. In the end, the floating building escapes and a yokai war is averted. Nezumi's corpse is placed on a funeral pyre, and the burning of his britches causes him to come back to life. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
40Obebenuma no YokaiThe Monster of Obebe Swamp10/06/68
Kitaro and Medama go to a yokai onsen (hot spa) to enjoy a relaxing soak. But their vacation is quickly disrupted by a construction crew trying to build a dam. Turns out that Nezumi sold the land to the developers, so they feel they own it and can build the dam as they please. A little later, a young boy claiming to be raising money to help his hospital-ridden mother starts playing pranks on everyone, including Kitaro. The boy and Nezumi join forces, and the severity of the pranks grow to where the boy blocks an irrigation ditch with a boulder, threatening to destroy the farmers' rice crops. The boy gets into a fight with Kitaro, pinning our hero under a different boulder at the bottom of a river. Nezumi changes allegences and tricks the boy long enough to tie him up. Kitaro escapes from the boulder and uses the smoke from a cooked fish to get the boy to reveal his real shape - Kawauso (river otter). Kawauso was a friend of Kitaro's, but the damming of the river resulted in him losing his home and now he wants revenge on the humans. Kitaro gets Kawauso to take the boulder from the irrigation ditch, saving the rice, and talks him into finding a new home in the mountains. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
41BakenekoGhost Cat10/13/68
A series of car accidents happen shortly after the drivers run over cats in the street. The accidents are caused by a big truck with whiskers on the grill. Right after the accidents, the drivers start acting like cats, raising the specter of a "cat disease". One guy comes down with cat disease and his son writes to Kitaro for help. However, when the boy runs out at the sound of approaching geta, he finds Nezumi instead. Nezumi had stolen the geta in order to sell a "catnip cure" to the victims in a scam to get money. Kitaro catches him at it and the two of them start patrolling the streets at night in a car, looking for the cat-truck. The truck disappears after each accident, so Kitaro then uses a yokai hearse to follow the truck into one of the hells littering the country. This hell is occupied by the ghosts of cats killed by careless drivers, and ruled over by a large cat spirit - Bakeneko. Bakeneko wants revenge, and he and Kitaro fight. It's a short tussel and ends with Bakeneko slipping on a rock and being crushed by boulders. His last word is "shrine". Kitaro and Nezumi return to the real world and Kitaro erects a small shrine along the side of the street, placing incense in the bowl at the base of the shrine. The one boy's father returns to normal, and when the man finds the shrine, he comments that it's at the place where he'd run over a cat before having the car accident and getting "sick". He and his son pray at the shrine for the souls of the cats to find peace. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 22

42HitokuijimaHuman-Eating Island10/20/68
A boat with some fishing villagers goes out to a scary-looking island. Two of the men get out and climb a hill that looks like someone's face. When they get to the mouth, they're inhaled and disappear. The son of one of the men cries for his father, and when his mother tells him that he's to be the sacrifice next week to keep the spirit of the island happy, the boy dives into the sea and swims away. He writes a letter to Kitaro via yokai post, but it's intercepted by Nezumi. Sensing an opportunity to make some money, Nezumi poses as a yokai specialist, and when Kitaro tracks him down, Nezumi forces Kitaro to act as his student. Nezumi's plan is to trick the human-eating spirit into accepting some mannequins, but this backfires and the village is wiped up by a tsunami. Kitaro apologizes to the villagers for the deception and he and the mayor go back to the island to try again. This time, they are inhaled and the mayor is digested by a pool of some kind. Kitaro runs around in some tunnels, gets crushed by something, and then excreted safely because of his yokai vest. He dives deeper into the sea and discovers that the island is really just a VERY tall humanoid yokai standing in the water with the top of his head poking out. Kitaro uses a mister with an anti-yokai spray to dissolve the island from the inside and it sinks once and for all. The mayor and the other sacrifices are all dead and the episode ends with the villagers praying to their souls. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
43HiderigamiDrought God10/27/68
A small publishing company starts printing a gag magazine called "Yokai Punch", but the jokes aren't funny and the magazines aren't selling. Nezumi approaches the chief editor about drawing real yokai stories and demands a big advance for it. He then tracks down Hiderigami, a one-eyed fire-based yokai that causes draughts, to offer a deal. Hideri can get some human sacrifices along with a plan for eliminating any opposition from Kitaro. The plan is for Hideri to visit the Yokai Punch publisher to have one of the editors deliver advance money to Nezumi, and Hideri gets to keep the editors. Eventually, the son of one of the editors writes to Kitaro for help, and when he approaches the lair with more money, Hideri ambushes him. There's a fight and Kitaro tricks Hideri into falling in a live volcano. But, being fire-based, this just makes him bigger and stronger. Nearby, there's a giant earthworm yokai, Noduchi, that is sleeping in a rock cocoon. Hideri wakes it up and the worm swallows him. It sucks so much energy out that when Hideri is finally spit back out, he's a feeble old man with no IQ. Kitaro tracks back to Hideri's lair, and finds Nezumi relaxing in a cave, along with the missing editors. The victims are freed, but they've lost all their money and are told to go into a new line of work. (Note that the chief editor is named "Nagai", possibly referring to the founder of Garo magazine.) (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
44Geta GassenWooden Sandal Wars11/03/68
One night, a wind sucks Kitaro's geta out of the room and they're replaced by another set. The next day, Nezumi complains to Kitaro that a bank in town is offering cute little hair-ball banks to its customers. Soon, all the kids have one. Nezumi steals them, but when he puts his hand in the hole to pull the money out of one, it develops teeth and bites him. Nezumi gets arrested and Kitaro has to spring him from jail. A few days later, all the banks grow legs and walk out of their owners' homes with the money. Everyone thinks that Kitaro had given them the piggybanks and now they complain and want their money back. Kitaro catches one of the banks, which turns out to be the leader of a family of hairball yokai, called Maruge. Maruge won't talk, but suddenly a voice calls out to Kitaro and Nezumi, and they find themselves being forced to walk miles because Kitaro's geta are being remotely controlled. They get to a shrine that has a giant pair of geta over the main door. Inside the shrine, the giant geta forces the 2 to dance for hours. Then, when Kitaro tries summoning his own geta, he and Nezumi are buried under a pile of fakes. Nezumi begs to be spared, and the giant geta lets him go to another room, where a nice dinner is prepared. After eating, Nezumi spots a trunk in one corner, and opens it to free Kitaro's real geta. Those geta fight the fakes and eventually the shrine is destroyed. Medama Oyaji arrives and comments that the culprit was really Sakabashira, the central support pillar for the shrine that had turned into a yokai over time and shapeshifted into the giant geta. Now freed, the maruge hairballs return the money and go back home. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
A guy with no face, and a head like an upsidedown egg, Nopperabou, steals the face of an old man's corpse. Kitaro is called to help, but Nezumi arrives first and talks the victim's family into hiring him as a watchman at the old man's grave. That night, Nezumi spots Nopperabou in the cemetery, catching a human soul with a butterfly net. He follows Nopperabou back home, where the yokai makes human soul tempura. Nopperabou offers it to Nezumi, and this causes Nezumi's own soul to escape his body and his face to disappear. Nopperabou wears Nezumi's face, but he doesn't like it. He gets Nezumi to give a box of rice cake snacks to Kitaro, and succeeds in stealing Kitaro's face while returning Nezumi's. Nezumi and Nopperabou team up so that Noppera can build his collection of people's faces. Nezumi goes to a park and sneaks a deceased person's soul into a popcorn machine, and they then give out free popcorn to the people in the park. They get 30+ faces this way. To celebrate, the two of them go to a restaurant for dinner. Kitaro sneaks in and acts as a waiter, giving them a human soul dessert at the end of the meal. Both Nezumi and Noppera lose their faces, and Noppera initially pretends to agree to give all the faces back. But, he traps Kitaro and tries to turn him into mochi. This plan fails and Noppera gets snuck in the mochi himself. At the end, everyone but Nezumi gets their faces back. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 23

Two school kids coming home one afternoon get into a fight as one makes fun of the other's bad grades. Nezumi arrives to break up the squabble, and the bully of the two complains, adding that there's no such thing as yokai. To prove him wrong, Nezumi takes him into the woods and pours leaves over a stone statue. It turns into a large black bird that captures both of them, and then begins kidnapping newborns. The bird, Ubume, uses its hostages as caretakers for the babies. The boy with the bad grades calls a hospital and demands a ransom. The police stage a trap, which captures the newly-escaped Nezumi. The boy is unmasked, and Nezumi tells Kitaro about Ubume. They use Konaki Jiji to attract Ubume. There's a fight and the bird swallows Kitaro. It returns to its lair and spits Kitaro out, minus the vest. The vest causes Ubume to suffer, so it takes the bully hostage. Kitaro surrenders, then gets choked by iron bars of a cage. He turns into one of the bars and wraps himself around Ubume's legs, then has the yokai fire beings set Ubume alight. When the flames disappear, Kitaro is fine and Ubume has become a statue again. The bully refuses to thank Kitaro properly so Nezumi beats him up. Things end with the bully being contrite and Nezumi taking the statue back into the woods. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
The story starts out during WW II, with two old people crying at an air force airfield. Their son is one of the kamakaze pilots, and he leaves with his squadron to fight the Americans at sea. The son dies in battle. In the present, the father is jealous that everyone else is so well-off, and he commits minor crimes as revenge. One such crime is selling a lemon car to Nezumi for $20. The old man sleeps on a rock shrine containing Amano-jaku, a demon that enjoys creating havok everywhere. In a dream, Amano-jaku tells the old man to dig a hole nearby. He does so and destroys the seal imprisoning the demon. Together, they start going large-scale, creating mudslides that destroy whole villages. While eating at a restaurant and then destroying the place, they attract Nezumi's attention. He joins the two and aids in disrupting the construction of a resort town at a hot spa. The manager of the construction asks Kitaro for help, but Medama Oyaji tells him to pass because he can't beat Amano-jaku. After a while, Kitaro takes on the request, and futilely faces Amano. Amano picks up a large boulder and threatens to crush Kitaro with it. The boy backs up into a big mud puddle, with Amano following him. The demon sinks into the mud and turns back into a rock. He's sealed away again, and the old man thanks Kitaro for saving him. Any more destruction and people could have been killed. He decides to mend his ways, and Kitaro says that the peace they're enjoying now came at the cost of the lives of people like his son. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
48YukinkoSnow Girl12/1/68
A boy in Hokkaido sends a bird with a note asking for Kitaro's help. The boy's older sister has become lifeless for some reason. Kitaro and Nezumi go to a frozen village in Hokkaido, where Nezumi drinks all the sweet sake the boy had made to save his sister. To atone, Nezumi follows the bird out into the field where the sister's body had been found. Nezumi is attacked by a snow tornado, and the bird returns to the village to notify Kitaro. He goes out to the field, finds Nezumi's lifeless body, and sees footprints leading to a cave. In the cave is a small girl, named Yukinko, who claims to be a prisoner of a demon. Kitaro rescues her, but when she gets on his back she tries freezing him to death. There's a fight, which escalates to include Yuki Onna (Snow Woman) and Yuki Otoko (Snow Man). They capture victims' souls and eat them like snow cones. Kitaro zaps the three with lightning, causing them to melt and then reform into a giant Ice Monster. Kitaro fights the monster, ice versus fire. The battle causes the cave to collapse. Later, Kitaro is found outside the cave and the monster supposedly was crushed under the rock. The snow cones are taken back to the village, where the older sister is restored. The bird insults Nezumi as Kitaro pulls out of the village on a dog sled. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
49TenkoHigh Ranking Kitsune12/8/68
A construction company boss decides that Tokyo is growing up beautifully, but there's now too much traffic on the roads. He then orders a dig to begin a new subway line. In the tunnels, Nezumi has a job working the rock with a pick axe. He breaks through a wall to an underwater river that floods the tunnel. To determine exactly what the origin of the flooding was, the construction boss hires three scientists to go into the tunnel, with Nezumi acting as their luggage carrier. At the far end of the tunnel they find a beautiful woman who leads them into a bar operated by other women. The men drink tea, while Nezumi drinks cocktails, and then pass out. The women turn into fox spirits (kitsune) and force the prisoners to sabotage the dig. Many of the workers are injured, and Kitaro is brought in to stop the problem. He enters the tunnel and meets Nezumi. But, it's a trap, with one of the kitsune impersonating Nezumi. Kitaro is thrown into a pond to drown, and the kitsune prepare to cut off the head of the real Nezumi. Kitaro escapes the water and fights the kitsune group. He makes an offer with the lead kitsune to fight him one-on-one. If he wins, he gets to meet the supreme fox spirit, Tenko. There's a big battle, and the boss loses. His men gang up on Kitaro and they still all lose. Tenko arrives and punishes the lower-level kitsune for going back on their word. He asks what Kitaro wants, and the boy asks for the sabotage of the construction to stop. Tenko replies that it's not their fault. If the humans want good luck, they need to dedicate a shrine to Inari (the fox god) and offer up abura-age (fried tofu) to the shrine. The construction company does this, and Nezumi and Kitaro walk off with Nezumi complaining that the humans never thanked them for all the work they did. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 24

50Yokai SekigaharaMonster Sekigahara Battle12/15/68
Kitaro and Nezumi are out walking around one day when Kitaro complains of the heat and decides to stop to swim in a pond. While waiting, Nezumi is approached by a frog that signals him to move a large boulder with a seal placed on it. Doing so causes the frog to turn into Jami, a minor evil demon, and Nezumi to become a frog. Nezumi uses the same gimmick to get Kitaro to take his place. Jami comes forward to catch Kitaro, but Medama Oyaji manages to move the boulder in time to then take Kitaro's place as a frog. Unfortunately, Jami uses his breath to control Kitaro, and the two of them prepare to go rob a bank. Medama talks Nezumi into carrying him to the tree house of Gami Sennin (Frog Master) to try to get Jami sealed again. Jami learns of this plan and he and Kitaro follow them to finish off Gama once and for all. Gama uses a mushroom lamp to create a door to another dimension, and Kitaro follows him. Gama says that they are in the Yokai Sekigahara, a battle place for yokai. The two of them fight, until finally Kitaro is captured. Gama dresses up as Kitaro and steps outside of the tree house. He tells Jami that the fight with Gama took all his energy and turned him into an old man. As Jami prepares to set the tree house on fire, Gami/Kitaro walks over to the boulder and sets it back in place, turning Jami back into a frog and freeing Kitaro and Medama from Jami's hold. In the end, Gama is put into a blind panic when encountering a snake. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
51Anagura NyudoCave Priest12/22/68
At a village festival, three yakuza running a scam at a booth are upset to find their customers being pulled away by Nezumi, who is selling books of yokai stories. The yakuza beat up Nezumi, until Kitarao arrives and defeats them. They run to their boss, who berates them for missing an obvious chance to make more money - by getting their own yokai to exhibit. The boss tricks Nezumi into showing the whereabouts of Anagura Nyudo (cave priest). At first, the three henchmen try to forcibly capture Anagura, but he uses his breath to make cold air, and freezing rain against them. Combined with the many holes filled with spiders (Anagura likes eating spiders), he chases them away. One of the men gets separated and he finds a small dog house that's covered in mold inside. The other two make their way back to the truck, and the boss shows his true colors, pulling a gun to threaten Nezumi into going back into the cave. Nezumi refuses, so the boss shoots to kill him, but misses. Kitaro finds Nezumi and learns of the yakuza's plans. Because Anagura is a benevolent yokai that just wants to be left alone, Kitaro will try to save him. Meanwhile, the boss brings a rain coat and sweater into the cave, thus overcoming Anagura's attacks. He talks Anagura into entering a refrigerator (this yokai likes small, dark spaces) and he brings the fridge out of the cave, with Anagura inside as a prisoner. Medama mentions a "yokai mold" that turns people good. Just so happens that the third henchman found that mold, and he returns to the truck to talk the boss into abandoning his plan. The boss beats him up, but before they can leave, Kitaro hits them with a bag full of the mold. The yakuza return Anagura to the cave, apologize for the trouble they caused him, and leave him with the refrigerator as a gift. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
52Kyuketsu YokaidanVampire Club12/29/68
The vampire tree on a remote island southeast of Tokyo summons Prof. Dracula in order to obtain yokai blood so that it can go on a rampage again. Dracula agrees and rounds up blood suckers from various other cultures. They rob the yokai blood bank, and feed the blood to the tree. It starts growing flowers, but in the battle against Kitaro and gang, one of the yokai fireballs sets Dracula aflame, and he crashes into the tree, killing both of them. All of the remaining vampires are defeated and peace reigns once more. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
53Yokai DaitoryoYokai President1/5/69
A scientist develops a mist that can make people age instantly (based on the old rip van winkle-like folktale), and he has it sealed in a box that he gives to Kitaro to dispose of. Kitaro wanders around Tokyo trying to think of a good hiding place, but while standing in front of a bakery he suddenly starts eating the bread. He's arrested as a thief, but Nezumi posts his 20,000 yen bond (which he never pays back). Kitaro tracks down the box, which is now in the possession of a weird guy claiming to be a yokai from America, here in Japan on the orders of Souzuka Baba, who promises to make him the yokai president. The weird guy, who is actually Komori Neko (Bat Cat), kidnaps Medama Oyaji, and gets Kitaro to stand in a pool of mud. Souzuka pours cement on him, and Komori Neko puts the block in a trunk to be disposed of in the ocean. Kitaro had taken his vest and geta off in advance and remote-controls them to defeat both Souzuka and Komori. Nezumi opens the mist box in the villain's cave, and Konaki Jiji seals the entrance with a boulder, both trapping the enemy and leaving the aging mist where no one else will ever find it. The vest leads the others to the ocean, and they use a winch on a raft to recover the chest Kitaro is in. At the scientist's lab, reporters arrive to interview Kitaro, but everything he says about the case just makes them laugh. Fortunately, he was able to prove that Komori was the one responsible for making him look like a bread thief. In the end, Nezumi futilely begs Kitaro to pay him back the 20,000 yen bond money. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 25

54Yokai Rari-Monster Rally01/12/69
Nezumi encounters a human-based car rally and decides to sponsor a yokai race in return for the royalties for filming the race for a TV station. He announces that the race will take place on a remote island, with the island as the grand prize. Western yokai (Back Beard, from America; Wolfman, from England; Witch, from France; Franken, from Germany) all team up for the chance to establish their own country, with Kitaro representing Japan. It's pretty much all-out war between the individual contestants, and very few of them make it to the finish line. Gremlin runs out of gas at the last moment, so Kitaro wins by default. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
55Yokai KeukegenMonster Fluffikins01/19/69
One night, a giant rooster is attacked by owls and crashes to the ground. The next day, Nezumi finds it and digs it out of the crater, intending to have it for lunch. When the bird turns out to still be alive, he rides it in the sky until its owner, Keukegen (a very furry creature) accuses him of theft and has the bird attack him. Meanwhile, Kitaro enters a village where all the children have disappeared. He finds the kids in the woods, but they're all in comas. Keukegen has taken their souls and turned them into dinosaurs, which he pits against Kitaro and Nezumi. Eventually, Kitaro defeats the dinosaurs, and forces Keukegen to surrender. The fluffy one had been trying to live in human surroundings after construction had encroached on his land. Kitaro talks him into moving deeper into the woods, and to restore the children to normal. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
56IsoonaSeacoast Woman01/26/69
A pair of fishermen ignore a danger sign and attempt to fish in a small cove. The more abusive of the two is grabbed by a half-human sea serpent and dragged under water. The guy's friend runs to a nearby village and asks for help. Three villagers go to the cove but can't find the missing guy. Two of the villagers are afraid of the legend of the Iso Onna (coast woman), but the third scoffs at them. The scoffer is then attacked by Iso and also dragged underwater. Kitaro and Medama learn about the problem, and Nezumi and Kitaro also get captured. There's an underwater cave where Iso is tending to her young son, a humanoid suckerfish. Iso tasks Nezumi with caring for her son while she patrols the coast, and Kitaro is put into a kind of pot to turn into consomme along with the two missing guys. In the resulting battle, Kitaro gets eaten by the son, then expands to blow the boy up like a balloon. Iso wraps herself around the boy to protect him, and they both turn to stone. The two humans are freed, and then berated because Iso was just doing what she needed to protect her boy. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
57Ongyo MahoInvisibility Witch02/02/69
A boy playing a trumpet on the beach in Okinawa is attracted by a particular song that wafts through the air, then when he follows the sound into the woods, he's attacked and turned into an old man. He goes to Tokyo to ask for help, and brings Kitaro, Nezumi and Medama back home with him on a raft. In Okinawa, the adults attack the boy and try to get Kitaro to leave. Unfortunately, the same music starts playing. The adults drop to their knees and beg the local god for forgiveness. Kitaro follows the sound and is attacked by a large stone statue. The statue is knocked over and the head falls off. It is hollow, and controlled by a faceless blob called a Nuuperabou. Three of the Nuuperabou disappear into the trees. Then, a giant invisible monster demolishes the village in revenge. The villagers are in a rage and try to beat up Kitaro, but he too has been turned into an old man. He works with the trumpet player to determine what the invisible monster looks like. The next night, he belches a gas that attracts insects that surround the invisible monster. The insects attract birds that peck at the monster to reveal that it's a giant Nuuperabou. The gas also attracts leeches that attach themselves to the monster and try to suck it dry. The big monster breaks apart to become the smaller Nuuperabou, and they run into a cave to hide. Kitaro finds them and makes them confess that they've been collecting the serum of youth from the local children in a jar for themselves. Kitaro takes the jar to the village and all the children are restored. Nezumi insists on drinking some of the elixer, and gets one drop, which just causes his whiskers to fall off. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 26

58OborogurumaOx-Cart Demon02/09/69
Shigeru Mizuki himself is at home trying to work on the next Kitaro manga, but he's having trouble coming up with ideas, so he goes to a coffee shop. There, he encounters Kitaro and Nezumi, and they return home with him. Mizuki's wife is put out at having yokai in the house, but can't do anything about it. Meanwhile, the Tokyo TV news starts talking about an incoming black cloud that is centered around Mizuki's house. As Shigeru talks about the western monsters he's included in his manga, they appear at his front door and try to come in. The yokai leader plans to turn Japan into a haven for western yokai, and her daughter tricks Kitaro into being exposed to the gaze of Oboro-guruma (the demon in the shape of an ox-cart). Kitaro turns to stone, but gradually is able to walk again. He combats Oboro-guruma, revealing it to be a big clam with a large mouth. On defeating it, the yokai portal closes and the invaders disappear. Mizuki returns to the coffee shop, where noone remembers seeing Kitaro. He speculates that there's a door between the two worlds that occasionally opens up. He leans against the jukebox, and it plays the Gegege theme song. He thinks he sees Kitaro and Nezumi at a table, but it's just some young couple that laugh at him. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Kitaro and Nezumi visit the Daruma Baths one night. The only available locker is #4, but the door is stuck closed. Nezuki forces it open, and hundreds of little daruma pour out. The boss daruma rents a room on the non-existent 4th floor of an apartment building (the word for 4 is "shi", which is the same as for "death". For this reason, Japanese buildings don't have a 4th floor, or an apartment #4.) The daruma terrorize anyone at a location identified with a "4" in the address, resulting in a woman getting hit by a truck. The daruma has invited other monsters to live with him and it's forcing the tenants of the building to move out, putting the landlord into a fix. Kitaro fights the boss daruma, futilely. The little ones eat a cat down to the bones and force Kitaro into a corner. Medama points out one small daruma that is actually the boss's heart, and Kitaro grabs it to take a bite out of it. The boss admits defeat and leaves Japan, presumably to go to Europe where the number 13 is equally feared. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
60Kasa JizoCone Hat Statue02/23/69
Kitaro comes down with a fever, during which he attacks Sunakake Baba and Medama, and recites the names of the boss monsters he's fought. Baba recognizes the song Kitaro sings as coming from Iwate, so Nezumi has to carry Kitaro and Medama there on his back. At Iwate, they encounter Zashikiwarashi (a polite house-dwelling spirit), who claims to have used the song to help cure Kitaro of his fever. That night, all of the Zashikiwarashi in the town return to their homes, except for the one acting as Kitaro's guide. For some reason, the old couple inside the hut has barred the down shut. Resigned, the Zashikiwarashi has to sleep outside. The next day, Kitaro finds that Nezumi had stolen some money and buns from the couple, but the food is moldy and the money is more like a couple handfuls of rice grains. The old man of the couple sells straw hats for a living, but no one wants to buy them anymore. He goes to town in the middle of a bad snow storm to sell the hats, and is laughed at. On his way home, the snow gets worse, and he passes some jizo statues along the side of the road. Thinking that they look cold, his puts the hats on the jizo. When Kitaro hears about this, he has his gang round up a lot of food to be delivered to the old couple's house (this is a variant of the original story, in which the jizo themselves thank the old couple.) (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
61UshirogamiBack God03/02/69
Nezumi is at a matsuri, where he tries buying a cactus from a young woman. After asking about where he lives, the woman refuses to sell the cactus to him. A small boy, who likes cactii, asks to buy the same one, and she sells it for 500 yen (discounted from 3000 yen). At home, the boy, his grandfather and his younger sister all disappear. Nezumi gets the other villagers to pay him to find the missing people, then he has to bring Kitaro in to do the actual work. That night, a voice tries scaring Kitaro, Nezumi and Medama into leaving, but they won't go. Instead, the spirit controlling the cactus - Ushirogami (Back God) - has the cactus eat Kitaro just like it had the three family members. Kitaro escapes and chases Ushirogami (an all-black ghost with no nose or mouth) outside into the middle of a big thunderstorm. Ushirogami complains about hating lightning, and escapes by floating into a tree. A lightning strike hits the tree and destroys it. Kitaro frees the family members, and has them dedicate a small shrine to Ushirogami on the stump that is all that remains of the tree, saying that Ushiro's primary goal was to just find a new home. The little shrine will suffice for this purpose. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking

Vol: 27

62UmijijiOld Man of the Sea03/09/69
A young boy and his mother are out on the sea in a boat when the boy falls overboard. Kitaro is nearby and dives in to save him. From this point, the boy is bent over like an old man and it feels like he has a weight on his back that grows heavier every hour. Nezumi tries to make a quick buck by researching this particular yokai, Umi Jiji, and sells the family a chant that transfers Jiji to whoever is named at the end of the chant. Initially, the boy and his mother are going to shift him to the mother, but the boy changes his mind and uses Nezumi's name. Because Jiji is actually a jellyfish in disguise, Kitaro has Nezumi drink a potion that poisons jellyfish. This works, but someone reads the chant by accident and transfers Jiji to Kitaro instead. He has a lake filled with the ingredients for the potion, but it isn't very effective. There's an underwater battle, which Kitaro wins. At the end, Jiji has shrunk in size and has possessed a fish in the lake. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
A pompous, overly-rigid college student visits his hometown and berates everyone for being stupid. He sees a sign that Kitaro put up warning about a yokai in a nearby shrine, and he tears the sign out as being pointless. In the shrine he finds a Namahage (ogre) mask and puts it on to pull pranks on the villagers. One particular old man is so shocked that he falls over a cliff and is killed. The student buries him and then tries to take the mask off, but his own face is now that of Namahage. The old man crawls out of the grave and gets the villagers to attack the student, Kitaro and Nezumi. It turns out that the true old man is in his hut with a broken leg, and the one tormenting Kitaro is Namahage. Nama uses his mask to steal people's faces. In the resulting battle, Nama uses other's people's faces as weapons, and refuses to free up the student's face until he gets trapped on a rope bridge. When the villagers thank Kitaro for his help, the student continues to deny the existence of yokai, so a frog jumps down the back of his uniform to tickle him. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
A rich orphan has a pretty young girlfriend named Keiko. While looking at an aquarium together, a yokai spirit swimming in the aquarium jumps into Keiko's mouth. Since she starts acting strangely, the boy seeks out Kitaro for help, and Nezumi takes on the case for a large sum of money. Oddly, Kitaro is willing to accept this transaction this time. Keiko tries killing the boy, but Kitaro stops her. They determine that the real Keiko was killed and has been replaced by Inmoraki, a yokai that is created by the spirit of the recent dead, and usually looks like a crow. Inmoraki puts sleeping powder in the boy's coffee, but Kitaro is brought into the room as an old portrait artist. He uses the 86 (or whatever) question technique to imprison Inmoraki's spirit in the painting, which is then burned. Inmoraki is forced out of Keiko's body, leaving her dead. It returns to steal Kitaro's soul after Kitaro drinks the drugged coffee. But, Kitaro transfers the powder to Inmoraki and he falls asleep and is defeated. At the end, the boy agrees to use his wealth to help other orphans. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
65Youkai HoukouPenghou03/30/69
Kitaro has gotten too famous and he's exhausted from taking on so many cases. Before he can get some sleep, he receives a letter by crow asking for his help to catch a daikon (radish) thief. He rides a horse to the village, where the mayor and an insolent cop tell him that half of the village's daikon have been stolen. Meanwhile, Nezumi is tired of always being the second fiddle, and he chooses to knock Kitaro out with a tree branch and toss him into a river to drown. Nezumi is then approached by a strange villager that keeps calling him sensei and claiming to be a big fan of his. The villager has a plan to make some fast money, so the two of them go to the fields at night and steal the remaining daikon. Nezumi is being used and this exhausts him. The next day, the cop fishes Kitaro out of the river, and he apologizes for not stopping the thief in time. Rested, Kitaro finds the strange villager's hut, and reveals him to be a demon, named Houkou. Houkou is making daikon relish, and he throws Kitaro, and the horse he rode in on, into the daikon vat. Nezumi uses this opportunity to set Houkou's house on fire, which only annoys Houkou. During the distraction, Medama succeeds in giving medicine to Kitaro and he is restored. Houkou shows his true power, which is the ability to turn into 4 copies of himself, each with fire, wind, rain or earth elemental abilities. In the fight, the opposing elementals run into each other and are annihilated. The storm this causes then rips out an old tree, killing it. Medama says that Houkou was created when the tree reached an age of 2000 years and turned into a yokai. Kitaro leaves to tell the villagers that everything is over, and Nezumi hangs back, afraid of being labeled a daikon thief. Thus, the first season of the TV anime is ended without comment. (Ending theme is "Karan Koron".)
Easter Egg:Geta Walking