Nakano Shopping Guide

In the Ikebukuro Shopping Guide, I mention three primary places to visit to find anime, manga and related items: Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and Nakano.  In this guide, I describe where to go in Nakano for anime shopping.

Getting to Nakano: Take whatever train line you need to go to Shinjuku.  If you're not already there, enter the JR section of the station and go to the platforms for the Chuo line.  The Chou train heading east will go to Tokyo and you don't want that.  Take the train heading away from Tokyo.  Nakano is one stop from Shinjuku if you take the express train; three stops if you take the local train. 

When you get to Nakano: Go down the stairs and follow the signs for the North exit.  Bear to the right as you leave the station and you should see a wide road with some waiting buses and taxis, and a row of buildings on the other side of the street.

Getting to Broadway. Cross the street and head toward the big opening in the buildings ahead of you.  You are now in the Broadway shopping center.  Just keep walking forward until you get to an escalator.

Shopping: Take the escalator up.  This will put you on the third floor.  You'll need to take the nearby stairs to get to any of the other floors.  In this part of the building: The basement has some grocery shops.  The first floor just has standard jewelry, clothing and trinket shops.  The second floor has some restaurants. 

Seriously, once you get off the escalator, you don't need a map or shopping guide.  While there are some normal shops (watches, cameras, telescopes, coins and stamps) you're going to be pretty much surrounded by goodies as far as the eye can see, on all three floors (2nd, 3rd and 4th floors).  Goodies shops include: many, many Mandarake shops with used manga, doujinshiis and anime; toy shops; model shops; a cosplay supplies shop; and shops with collectors' phone cards, figurines, DVDs, CDs and anime cells.

(Cel shop)

(Cosplay Shop.)

(Show case in front of cosplay shop.)

(Doll shop.  Some of these figures are 18" tall, and cost between $600 to $1200 for just the basic figure.)

(Mandarake has a variety of shops throughout the Broadway building.  The above sign on the robot says "no pictures"...)

(The female figure on the far right is named "Boteko", and is a play on Peko-chan, the mascot for a candy company.)

(Gate for a Mandarake shop that wasn't open for the day yet.)

When you're done shopping, go to the basement and buy some fresh donuts that were made just before you got there.