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Yes, I'm still living in Japan, but I've largely been outside of the areas directly affected by the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima reactor explosion.

July 17, 2012 - Finished Year 4.
July 17, 2011 - Started up Year 4.

Anime and Manga
Museum: Fujio F Fujiko Museum opensReview: Momohime Torimono E-maki, vol. 1
Exhibit: Junzou IshikoReview: Totsu Gami, vol. 1
 Review: Taimashin, vol. 1
Magazines at the storeReview: Taimashin, vol. 2
Magazines reviewed in 2011Review: Taimashin, vol. 3
Manga: Billy BatReview: Taimashin, vol. 4
Cover: Featured Morning Cover/a>Review: Mouryou no Hako, vol. 1
Commentary: Young GanganReview: Mouryou no Hako, vol. 2
Commentary: Big Comic SuperiorReview: Future Retro Hero Story, vol. 1
Commentary: Weekly Shonen ChampionReview: Lawman S
Commentary: Monthly Shonen ChampionReview: Murder Princess, vol. 1
Commentary: Monthly IkkiReview: Murder Princess, vol. 2
Commentary: Big Comic SpiritsReview: Acony, vol. 1
Commentary: Big Comic OriginalReview: Space Family Carlvinson
Commentary: Monthly AfternoonReview: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Commentary: Denki DaiohReview: Misc. Manga
Commentary: EveningReview: Yuukoku no Rasputin
Commentary: Comic Ran TwinsReview: Sayonara Nippon
Commentary: Comic RanReview: The Minotaur's Plate
Commentary: Morning TsuReview: Desert Punk
Commentary: Weekly MorningReview: Gamble Fish
Commentary: Manga TownReview: Kurogane
Commentary: Manga Time SpecialReview: Zombie Loan
Commentary: Newtype-AceReview: RRR
Commentary: Young ChampionReview: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 23
Commentary: Monthly Shonen AceReview: When Seagulls Cry
Commentary: Weekly Shonen JumpReview: Dainana Joshikai Houkou
Commentary: Grand JumpReview: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 21
Commentary: Jump Next!Review: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 22
Commentary: Weekly Shonen MagazineReview: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 24
Commentary: Monthly Shonen MagazineReview: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 25
Commentary: AltimaAReview: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 26
Commentary: Manga ActionReview: Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei, vol. 27
Commentary: SD & GoReview: Garouden
Commentary: Weekly Manga TimesReview: Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi
Commentary: Comic BeamReview: Moyashimon, vol. 11
Commentary: Jump KaiReview: Professor Munakata, vol. 3
Commentary: SQ JumpReview: Konjaku Monogatari, vol. 1
Commentary: Monthly Comic SiriusReview: Konjaku Monogatari, vol. 2
Commentary: Miracle JumpReview: Onward to Our Honorable Deaths
Commentary: Comp AceReview: Kitaro Collection, vol. 1
Commentary: Comic BirzReview: Manga Jung
Commentary: Monthly @BunchReview: Tabibito no Ki
Commentary: Monthly GessanReview: Bingogami-ga
Commentary: Young Ace 
Commentary: Monthly Comic GeneTranslation: Area 51 Chapter
 Rant: A Rant on Leeches
 Observation: Tintin and Tezuka, again
 Mention: Gegege no Kakeibo
 Mention: Ishikawa and Evening
 Big Issue: Reiko Saibara

Living in Japan
Taking the JLPT testKagoshima Speech Contest
Dec. 2011 JLPT resultsNihongo Kyoshitsu
Hit by a Car1 Year after the Quake
gipsFukushima Report
Ugh, Photos after the accidentKagoshima AEA Program
MatsubatsueSolar Eclipse
X-RaysVenus Transit
Thoughts 1: Stuck in a RoomYear 4 Anniversary
Thoughts 2: Silly Little Things 

Special: Mini-RhinoArduino-based TV sound killer
Mini-Rhino ImprovementPapercraft: Kadomatsu
Upoming SX-150 Mark-II Synth KitPapercraft: Reindeer and Sleigh
Himeji CastlePapercraft: Kumade
Gakken newsletterPapercraft: Zetsubo Sensei, Urapen
#32, Denki mini Block kitPapercraft: Zetsubo Sensei, Komori-chan
#33, Desktop Vacuum Cleaning RobotPapercraft: A Zetsubo Funeral
Kiri-e ClassPapercraft: Torus Project
Rock PaintingBilly House Kits
 My New Gakken-Only Blog

Events: Nariakira Anniversary FestivalTree House
Events: Ogionsa FestivalPocket Empire
Events: Kagoshima Asian Youth Festival, Day 1Acid Milk
Events: Kagoshima Asian Youth Festival, Day 2Saigo Vending Machine
Events: Myouen-ji 12 mile walkGolgo 13 pitches hanko
Events: Myouen-ji MatsuriFlowers and Plushies
Events: Myouen-ji Part 3, FutsalLeaping Lizards
Events: Ohara Matsuri: Day 1, Day 2Police Lights Extenders
Events: 2011 Organic FestaKewpie Captain America
Events: 2012 Community EventHappy New Year!
Events: Speech Nihon-goChaste Maria BG Art
Events: Design FestaTensai Vagabond
Events: Warau MatsuriGIMP Animation
Events: NASA presentationKeitai Backpacks
Events: Kagoshima in KagoshimaMore Japanglish
 Curry Truck
Memorials: Atsuko SaishoGreen and Yellow Caps
Memorials: Medical Institute, Part DeuxAnpanman Bus
 Cookie House
Food: Soy Sauce, Cola and Bean KitkatsLights Out
Food: Shochu Line-upMike Mouth
Food: One Piece ChocoHoganji Corners
Food: Dragonball Cider999 Pachinko Machines
Food: Dragonball Cider, 2Hokka Hokka Blood Prison
Food: Stones BarKame Ari Movie ads
 Strange Torii
Toys: ChopperShoyu Altar
Toys: Devilman BikeJetskiing the Kotsuki
Toys: Roots Wacky RacersKagoshima Symbol
Toys: Lawson's AdvertisingAsh Tuesday
Toys: UCC RUF CollectionWindow Hangers
Toys: Rusty BearAmupla Lucky Birthday
Toys: Ultraman 45th Anniversary CoffeeStretching Truck
Toys: Coffee Land RoverSakura-jima Ash Cloud
Toys: Lipton One Piece Cookie MascotMineral Rot
Toys: Kirin Pacman Keitai StrapsRyukyu pine
Toys: World Music SetFlower Lover
Toys: Tulley's Stamp and Coffee CampaignKotsuki Heron
Toys: Pepsi and PokemonCat Box
Toys: Pocky and One Piece Game BoardGot Whale?
Toys: Mihawk Pepsi FigureTake Lantern
Toys: Blue Impulse with CoffeeWendy 8081
Toys: Coffee TrainHappy Sympathies
Toys: Lupin III Roots CoffeeBlue Ball
Toys: Coca OlympicsMe
Toys: Mario 3D-Land KeychainMerry Anpan!
Toys: Pepsi Uchuu KyodaiSunrise, Again
Toys: Lupin III Roots Coffee, Part 2Hungry Bird
Toys: Lupin III Roots Coffee, TV Series 2Announcement Boards
Toys: Kinnikuman BearAsh Cloud
Toys: Toy StashCul de Sac
 Sea of Cement
Posters: Atom TummyTwo-faced Building
 New Water Break
Stamps: Kagoshima Rubber StampsCyborg Windows
Stamps: DB Kai Postal StampsA Free Lunch
Stamps: DNA Stamps #3Woof
Stamps: Edo-Era StampsTenmonkan Banners
Stamps: Phila StampsDoraemon Tickets
 Yakult Inside
Small Adventures #21: Dead fridgeWig Shop
Small Adventures #22: Floor NumberingPachinko - Promo
Small Adventures #23: Shiroyama Rajio TaisoCoffee Innovate
Small Adventures #24: Kevin Bacon EffectAfter the Storm
Small Adventures #25: A matter of coincidenceSalt Shrine
Small Adventures #26: Echoes in a Department StoreDuel Masters Card
Small Adventures #27: Losing PhotosSanji Poster Board
Small Adventures Special: On HoldSierpinski and Me
Small Adventures #28: Strange Taxi RideBeauty Clinic
Small Adventures #29: Component Electronics in KagoshimaCar Vending Machines
 Flea Market
Holiday Lights: A Lucky Amu ChristmasDrainpipe
Holiday Lights: City HallPoo
Holiday Lights: Dolphin PortThe Enemy
 Smoke Detector
Pole WiringBamboo Shop
Old BikesFlower Pot
Kagoshima McDonald'sNight Light
Flower Rip-outWhite Monkey
Stairway to HeavenBoss Vending
Gessho MemorialAomori Sticker
New WorkChicken Brick
Hina-matsuri DisplayKagoshima Jazz Station
Levi TruckWhiteback Bug
Glove Box 
Water Break - finished 
Goo Bikes 

Travel Event, 2: Part 1, Part 2Grave of Gessho
Kagoshima Gurutto Stamp Rally, Rally ResultsAdditional Gurutsu photos
Shin-Hato Cannon BatteryUeno Castle
Hirakawa KoenTaniyama Jinja
JigengiTunnel Shrine
Hashiguchi Goyo BirthplaceXavier's landing in Kagoshima
Shiho School and Ando TeruGion-no-su Park
Poem of the Four SeasonsLava-buried Torii
Yamamoto Gonbei and EisukeDaichuji Temple
Heihachiro Togo 

Non-Japan related
Cerebus and IAn Embarrassing Way to Go lyrics
BlacksadAnnotatum Sucks
Doc Rat Caption Contest WinnerWhat I'm reading now
Classic Children's CartoonsScript to automate reading GoComics
Pascal's TriangleWorld's Largest Papercraft Project
Sierpinski PyramidJava Rant
Endtown Books!Cerebus and High Society
Look at all the StarsLazar
The Hogan's Curse