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July 17, 2015 - Started up Year 8.

Anime and Manga
Game Review: FFCC: Ring of FatesManga Review: Area 51, vol. 1
Game Review: FFCC: Echoes of TimeManga Review: Area 51, vol. 2
Game Review: Jump SuperstarsManga Review: Area 51, vol. 3
Game Review: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeManga Review: Area 51, vol. 4
Game Review: Tales of the TempestManga Review: Area 51, vol. 5
Game Review: Shiren 2Manga Review: Area 51, vol. 6
Game Review: Chameleon DSManga Review: Area 51, vol. 7
Game Review: Black Cat: Kuroneko no ConcertoManga Review: Area 51, vol. 8
Game Review: Cross TreasuresManga Review: Area 51, vol. 9
Game Review: Nodame Cantibile DS reviewManga Review: Area 51, vol. 10
Game Review: Heroes of ManaManga Review: Area 51, vol. 11
Game Review: Daigasso Band BrothersManga Review: Area 51, vol. 12
Game Review: Theatrhythm Final FantasyManga Review: C.M.B., vol. 30
Game Review: Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of LightManga Review: C.M.B., vol. 31
 Manga Review: C.M.B., vol. 32
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 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 10
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 11
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 12
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 13
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 14
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 15
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 16
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 17
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 18
 Manga Review: Attack on Titan, vol. 19
 Manga Review: Madowanai Hoshi
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.1
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.2
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.3
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.4
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.5
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.6
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.7
 Manga Review: Ajin, vol.8
 Manga Review: Shinpika
 DVD Magazine: Vol. 1: Akira Toriyama
 DVD Magazine: Vol. 3: Eiichiro Oda
 DVD Magazine: Vol. 6: Yusei Matsui
 Movies: Bakemono no Ko

Living in Japan
47 Prefecture Coins for July, 2015Sakurajima Coughing
47 Prefecture Coins for Jan., 2016Fireworks, not
Scary MickeyLearning Kagoshima-ben through theater
Higashi e, Nishi e LyricsSetsubun, 2016

Kits and Papercrafts
Kite Kiri-eMakino Hina Matsuri Doll Kits

Events: Rokugatsu-tou 2015, Day 1 and Day 2Small Adventure: Ice Carvings in Summer
Events: Ogionsa 2015, Day 1 and Day 2Small Adventure: Failing cameras and lost manga
Events: Fureai MatsuriSmall Adventure: Stopped Street Car
Events: Chibikko NoridaSmall Adventure: Dead Router
Events: Yukata Matsuri: My Workspace, Day 1, In the HouseSmall Adventure: Taking a Fall
Events: Yukata Matsuri: K@ito, Curry Fest, YuriaSmall Adventure: Failed Rocket Launch
Events: Anpanman Live Stage ShowSmall Adventure: Gift Certificates
Events: Obon OdoriSmall Adventure: A Disappointing Day
Events: Hawai'ian FestSmall Adventure: Trouble with Norton
Events: Kagoshima Marching Band 
Events: Kotsuki River Walk FestBuilding ad - clouds and birds
Events: Furusato Local Products FairAmupla Tunnel Art
Events: Marugoto Special Products FairTueseday
Events: Anti-War, Raise, Haunted HouseUsawa Omikuji
Events: KTS Days, 2015Pokemon Cooking
Events: Beer FestHidden in Plain Sight
Events: Sakurajima, Art Market, BeneseCapsule Cafe
Events: Milk and KBBPachinko Wall
Events: Myu FM and JR KyushuFull Moon and Night Ferry
Events: Minna Minna, Wine Fest, Bouzu MeetsAsh Moon
Events: Asian KagoshimaLights
Events: Home and Energy, Halloween, FurusatoButterfly
Events: Halloween Night in AmuplazaLocal Matsuri
Events: Nov. 1 - Karuta, Furusato, Manga FestSakurajima after the Eruption Warning
Events: Nov. 11 - Bon DX and Little CherriesCar Show
Events: Nov. 15 - Kamishibai and Soba ManzaiAnti-War Protest
Events: Nov. 15 - Art Street24 Hour TV
Events: Nov. 15 - Kokumin BunkasaiGlasses Posters
Events: Tenmonkan Illuminations 2015Amupla Space
Events: Magio-net ChristmasGurahan Tear Down
Events: Projection MappingMochi Bus
Events: Mama Ukiuki FestaChilled Coca Cola
Events: Fureai Arts FestaGourmet Neko
Events: Marugoto Fair, 2015Lupin Pachinko
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Day 1Caps
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Day 2Peppers
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Day 3 - Bon DXLife Style
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Day 4 - The PintsCloudy Day
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Misc. DaysSecurity Light
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Day 5 - Bon DX and TaikoGeopark Office
Events: Amu Christmas Market, Misc. Set 2Pocket Camera Test Shot - Moon Again
Events: Amu Christmas Market day 7 - Misc.Day Care Clinic?
Events: Amu Christmas Street - Final CommentsEmpty Pachinko Parlor
Events: Kitahara Toy CollectionBeer Can Bug
Events: Illumination BazaarTotoro Cat Bus
Events: Amu Market Jan. 3, and YokoRed Cloud
Events: MillionationJuxtaposition
Events: Marugoto, Mochi, Pet Adoption, Part 2Family Ultra Festa
Events: Marugoto Jan. 15-17Saigo Heron
Events: S Pulse Camp AnnouncementsPanda Hoodie
Events: Flea Market, Feb. 6Cleaning Service Logo
Events: Flower Ornamentation ShowThe Walk
Events: 3illfyGinza Street
Events: Ramen OhPachinko Street
Events: Nyan FestAware of the Feet
Events: Furusato Crafts DisplayWhen Pig Flies
Events: Shimonoseki Products, Tegetege High SchoolCrayon Crossing
Events: Aozora School, Marathon Pre-DayHello Kitty Car
Events: Marathon DayNight Lights
Events: Kagoshima United Fanclub RecruitingGuruhan Goes T-Max
Events: Wine Shop and Sakamoto WalkBlack Express
Events: Wan Wan fes, Era-buu LandCastrol Car
Events: Third Annual Lanthanum FestivalSome Shops
Events: Yamakataya Culture, OhanamiPachinko Changeover
Events: KYT TV, Beer Fest, Flea MarketBlue Bird
Events: Napoli MatsuriNew Bird
Events: Waku Waku Wa-kuKotsuki River Ducks
Events: Childrens' Day play activitiesReimeikan Birds
Events: Kagoshima TeaWall Filler
Events: Kagoshima Music Festa Day 1, Day 2Sakura-jima Snowcap
Events: Dai Hanya Day 1, Day 2Snowstorm, Jan. 24
Events: 2016 Dance FestSnow, Day 2, Day 3 and Marugoto Fair
Events: Tsumagari Campus FestivalFairy Whispers
Events: Mikoshi PreparationMatching Winnies
Exhibits: Hata no KansaaCoolatiques
Exhibits: Suiboku India Ink PaintingSomtimes...
Theater: DokungoKagoshima Marathon Poster
Food: Krispy KremeManeke Neko, Tenmonkan variant
Food: Red MFreedom Clothing Store
Food: Royal Milk Tea and Nodame CantabileMinimum Wage Poster
Food: Monster Watch Ice Cream Bar CardWorking to...
Food: One Piece CookiesSnow Box
Food: Hokuto no Ken Georgia CoffeePlumber Artwork
Food: Quick MilkStairway
Food: Big 3 BurgerOne Good Thing
Food: Chibi UdonHow Do You Use Today?
Food: Kirin Star WarsBra and Peace
Food: Ultra-man CardCrack Floor
Food: Valentine's Chocolate MonthKappa Contact ad
Food: Matcha OreosFlamingo Park Ad
Food: Sumo Big MacReading Alien
Food: Wicky's HousePosters in the Post Office
Food: Momoiro Clover Tea RoomPocket Empire Sandwich Board
 Party Car
Toys: UFO Catchers, AgainCat Van
Toys: Drinking with Golgo 13Cat Massage
Toys: Ancient Creatures CollectionSigns
Toys: Pengy KeychainKobuta
Toys: Jump Shop, 2015Restaurant Sandwich Board
Toys: Jama NekoCat Prop
Toys: Hatsune Miku figureCheech and Chong Pillows
Toys: Medama Oyaji figureTully's Rope
Toys: Dorohedoro FigureToyota Car Show
Toys: Goemon FigureFish Face
Toys: Suppa-man FigurePaper Bird
Toys: Hamburg-ya FigureBoss Men
Toys: Shampoo FigureCeiling Light
Toys: Zelda Tri-Force KeychainNyanko
Toys: Army Men SamuraiYamakataya Cosmetics Poster
Toys: Gundam Cola CapSlack Line
Toys: Dr. Slump Bottle CapsSky Trails
Toys: Noh Mask Cellphone Strap Series 
Toys: Neko Cafe Keychain Figure 
Toys: Rampo Magnet 
Toys: Assassination Classroom Plushie 
Toys: Neko Tamashii keychain 
Toys: Nagoya Castle Figure 
Toys: Manga Rabbit Figure 
Toys: UFO Cat keychain 
Toys: Instruments Keychains 
Toys: Inari Kitsune Keychain 
Toys: Onushi Figures 
Toys: Terrarium in a Lightbulb 
Toys: 3D Puzzles Series 3, #1 
Toys: Street Fighter Can Coffee Figure 
Toys: One Piece Denim Figure 
Toys: Fujiko Mine UFO Figure 
Toys: Conan Magnet 
Toys: Godzilla Dydo Figure 

Walking Sakura-jima, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Thailand: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Kaimon Dake, Jan. 2 

Non-Japan related
Post Bros CommissionOld Stand-up Comics Videos
Carol Lay Commission2cellos
Google Doodles, second half of 2015Camera Test
Milk Man