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July 17, 2016 - Started up Year 9.

Anime and Manga
Video Game Review: Final Fantasy: A2 TacticsManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 1
Video Game Review: Astroboy The Video Game DSManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 2
Video Game Review: The Last Airbender DSManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 3
Video Game Review: Theatrhythm Dragon QuestManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 4
Video Game Review: Code of PrincessManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 5
Video Game Review: Suikoden Tierkreis DS commentsManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 6
Video Game Review: Legend of Zelda: Mask of MajoraManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 7
Video Game Review: Zelda, Link Between 2 WorldsManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 8
Video Game Review: Zelda, Ocarina of TimeManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 9
Video Game Review: Zelda, Ocarina of Time Master QuestManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 10
Video Game Review: Jump Ultimate Stars 3DSManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 11
Video Game Review: Famicom Remix: Best ChoiceManga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 12
 Manga Review: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu, vol. 13
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 Manga Review: C.M.B. vol. 35
DVD Magazine: Vol. 14: Masanori Morita - RookiesManga Review: Q.E.D. iff vol. 5
DVD Magazine: Vol. 17: Masakazu Katsura - Video Girl Ai, ZetmanManga Review: Q.E.D. iff vol. 6
DVD Magazine: Vol. 18: Osamu Akimoto - Kochi KameManga Review: Q.E.D. iff vol. 7
DVD Magazine: Vol. 21: Yoshihiko Togashi - Hunter x HunterManga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 1
DVD Magazine: Vol. 23: Hideaki Sorachi - Gin TamaManga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 2
DVD Magazine: Vol. 25: Hirohiko ArakiManga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 3
 Manga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 4
 Manga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 5
 Manga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 6
 Manga Review: High Score Girl Continue, vol. 7
 Manga Review: Naniwa, vol. 1
 Manga Review: There is a War Now, vol. 1
 Manga Review: Plinius, vol. 4
 Manga Review: Design, vol. 1
 Manga Review: Revenge of the Mecha Tofu
 Manga Review: Gallery Fake, vol. 1
 Manga Review: Madowanai Hoshi, vol. 2
 Manga Review: Dokoka Toukuno Hanashi, vol. 1
 Manga Review: Tokubetsu no Egoist, vol. 1
 Manga Review: Tokubetsu no Egoist, vol. 2
 Manga Review: Tokubetsu no Egoist, vol. 3
 Manga Review: Box, vol. 1
 Manga Review: Box, vol. 2

Living in Japan
Last 500 yen coinsHappy Valentine's Day
New Lunar Year of RoosterHappy Hina Matsuri
 Hanami 2017
 Hanami and Zoo

Kits and Papercrafts
Hachette Puzzle vol. 1 

Events: Rokugatsu-tou 2016Food: Smirnoff Coffee
Events: Ogionsa: Day 1 and Day 2Food: Wilkinson Dry Cola
Events: Hawai'ian FestaFood: Niku Day
Events: Yukata MatsuriDay 1 and Day 2Food: Getting a Little Tongue
Events: Obon OdoriFood: Lotteria Halloween purple cheese burger
Events: Alsok Kid's Festa, Amuplaza PartyFood: Smirnoff Ice Masks
Events: Niku Gatsu DouFood: Boss Guts Coffee
Events: KTS Days, 2016Food: Coolish
Events: Art MarketFood: Kit-Kat Japanese Sake
Events: KKB Dream DayFood: Odenya Matchan
Events: Asian Kagoshima 2016, Wine FestaFood: Pi*r^2
Events: Baru Gai, Furosato 10/22/16Food: Niku no Hi, May 29
Events: Furosato Isshin Day 2, Oct. 25Food: Craft Boss Coffee Latte
Events: Ohara Matsuri, 2016 
Events: Furosato Isshin Day 3, Nov. 6Bird: Raptor in the City
Events: Igisen, MBC Radio Day 
Events: Homemaker FestaYumeria Re-open
Events: Amupla XMas Market, Nov. 27, LiveGaslights
Events: Amupla XMas Market, Dec. 3-4, Bon DXTorihana Annex
Events: Amupla XMas Market, Dec. 5Shoes in the Door
Events: City Hall Dec. 11 MatsuriGodzilla Loves Lotteria
Events: Wicky Toshi live, Dec. 11What's a Wonderful Life
Events: Ren, and Bon DXTwilight
Events: Amupla XMas Market, Yoko and KamikuboStretch Jeep
Events: Dec. 23-24, Market, Myu FM, TenmonkanDrugOn
Events: Dec. 25 ARTS concertRed Meat
Events: Shamisen PerformanceInk Bar
Events: Nagasaki Marugoto Fair, 170125Garish Yamakataya Ad of the Month
Events: Marugoto Fair Jan. 27, 2017Yet Another Yamakataya Ad
Events: Setsubun 2017Yamakataya Nutcracker Sweet Ad
Events: Ramen Oh, 170217Yamakataya Work It Out Ad
Events: Art Fest vol. 1Yamakataya Hint of Colour Ad
Events: MBC Tegetege ShowYamakataya Mannequin Ad
Events: Nonki Hitori Ventures ShowLycoris
Events: Kagoshima MarathonHalloween Party Train
Events: Kyuushuu Travel FairHiroako Bazar Halloween
Events: Saigo-Don and Honeymoon WalkMario Watch
Events: Sakura Machi, Part 1, Part 2Light Repair
Events: Yamakataya Classes Demo, Apr. 2017Amu Plaza Illuminations
Events: Wanwan Festa 2017T-Rex
Events: KYT TV - ARTSImo-chan
Events: Dai Hanya, Day 1, Day 2Kiss My Nagasaki
Events: Golden Week 2017Christmas Tree, Nov. 6
Events: KMF 2017, Day 1 and Day 2Fish Bike
Events: Wakuwaku WorkNew Traffic Light Poles
Events: Children's Arts and Crafts Fair in YamakatayaJacob Spice Curry Truck
Events: Girl's Delight ParkNight Boat
Events: Food Fair June 26Salt Hill
Events: Sapporo Beer GardenSakurajima, Nov. 16, 2016
Events: Izuro Dori FestivalWhite Buildings
Events: Rokugatsu-tou 2017, Day 1, Day 2Hair Emotion Krea
 Kirin Fire of Challenges
Exhibits: Egypt ExhibitAira Bear
Exhibits: Takumi MaemuraBag and Cort Fair
Exhibits: Golden Bomber Cardboard ArtNightscape
Exhibits: Patent Office, and Shochu StreetStairwell
Exhibits: Kanoya Bara MatsuriSharks
Exhibits: Graph ContestContrail Again
Exhibits: Chibi Maruko-chan shop, Chibi StickerDoll Store, Kagoshima
Exhibits: Architecture Design ExibitTents and Pre-Tents
Exhibits: Detective Conan PlazaHow Many Bars
Exhibits: Trick Art at the ReimeikanNose Bleed
Exhibits: DB-chou ScienceHungry, Hungry Art Project
 Airbuggy for Dog
CD: ARTS - We Love SkaAt Home
CD: Wicky - Meets.....Cortanu Poster
 Nomura Fashion School Poster
Small Adventure: U.S. Quarter in JapanYamazaru in Gold Poster
Small Adventure: New Camera, againLabyrinth Poster
Small Adventure: TV InterviewMini-oh Poster
Small Adventure: EarthquakeStop Fraud
 Flowers on a Bush
Toys: Ajin Capsule Ball FigureSnow Day
Toys: UFO Catcher Shin-GodzillaGreen Collection
Toys: ZootopiaLast Bargain Sale
Toys: Puffy UFO Catcher FigureArata Hachimangu Shrine
Toys: Snoopy UFO Catcher FiguresHair Works
Toys: UFO Catcher Alarm ClockHair Salon Shiro Oni
Toys: Shaun the Sheep Capsule Ball FigureRacing Miku
Toys: Capsule Cafe, TakaplaArtsy
Toys: FlanOcean's 8
Toys: Cup no Fuchiko Halloween FigureRomantic Venom
Toys: Kitsune MaskYakult Car
Toys: Robot DusterLixil Home Remodeling
Toys: Capsule Ball Toys - Japanese WeaponsAu Ad
Toys: LED CandleGalaxy Truck
Toys: Cup no Fuchiko Christmas FigureReimeikan Steps Repair
Toys: Dragonball Georgia Coffee FigureIDEA Store
Toys: Georgia DB FigureDuck Face
Toys: Rilakkuma at RestElectric Gorilla
Toys: OO-Parts FigureImamura Massage
Toys: Shin-Gojira FigureBook-Off Remodeling
Toys: Zelda Breath of the Wild FigureHair Saloon
Toys: Chibi Shin-GojiraBL Building
Toys: Dinosaur Capsule Ball FigureMoth
Toys: Oo-parts Figure 2Ducks
Toys: South Park keychainItasha
 Urology Banner
 Minion Menu
 Monsters Egg
 Shiro Hair Kintaro Art
 Men at Dance
 Reimeikan Gate Rebuild
 Sand and Flower
 Another Foam Mascot
 The Salon
 Tedman's T-Shirts
 Off Course Bridal
 Soyama Dental
 Coffee is a good sign
 Hairy Tree
 Like a Brick
 Mascot Parade June 10
 Anti-Free Fire
 Beauty and the Cheap Kiss
 Beauty and the Beast Jewelry - UFO Edition
 Fire Safety Poster
 For Your Just
 Kago Senbunka Poster
 Kasa Burning Event Poster
 Lanterns 2017
 Sakurajima Coughing

Miyazaki Day TripTerayama Walk. Jan. 3

Non-Japan related
Bad MediafireBlues in the Park
Man, I hate Cursive, Jim BentonDead Mailman Tower
Cerebus - Jaka's StoryBat
Cerebus - MelmothPioneer Village: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Missed HalloweenSnoopy, Garage Door
Kidney StoneGoogle Doodles, 2016
No Super MoonGoogle easter eggs
Unsuper MoonCD: Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Beethoven's Last Night
Moon, Dec. 7, 2016CD: Jean Michel Jarre: Equinoxe
Moon and VenusDVD: Breathless comments
Feb. 2 MoonDVD: Easy Rider comments
June 2nd MoonDVD: Penn and Teller - Off the Deep End
1 Million ViewsDVD: Zenpad
 DVD: Win. Live Movie Maker