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Dr. Slump As of Dec. 18
Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File #2 As of Dec. 15
Cowa! As of Dec. 1
Cashman As of Nov. 23

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From Shonen Jump #1, 1997

Check out the latest story in the
Official Cowa! page.

Note that Toriyama is taking another break for one week. His next chapter will appear in the #4/5 issue of Jump. (Note that the issue of Jump for this week is numbered #2/3. This is because the following week will probably be some kind of publishing holiday for the magazine, and Jump may not come out that week. There will then be another publishing holiday in two weeks, which is why the next issue is numbered #4/5.)

Dragon Ball GT: Perfect File #2

I was starting to have my doubts that this book really would come out at all. But, it finally hit the shelves around Dec. 15. This new book adds more background info concerning the TV series, and also includes another page of stickers. There's a lot of repetition from the first book, but there's still enough new artwork to justify buying it to add to your collection.

The New Dr. Slump

The TV Series

Check out the summary for the Dec. 17 episode, in the
New Dr. Slump page.

Note that the TV series will be pre-empted for holiday specials on Dec. 24, Dec. 31, and Jan. 7. The special for Dec. 24 will be a re-run of the DBZ movie "The Strongest Guy in the Universe."

The V-Jump Manga

Check out the summary for the Jan., 1998 issue, in the New Dr. Slump page.

For the official word on the TV series, visit the Toei Studios Dr. Slump home page.


Nov. '97 V-Jump: Henteko Obaasan (Strange (Wandering?) Granny)
A strange old lady latches onto Chapat, while looking for excitement in her life (she has lost her memory, which makes it hard for Chapat to find her home and take her back to it right away.) Turns out that she's very rich, and after being rescued from kidnappers, she gives a stack on money to Cashman as a form of thanks. Oddly enough for this title, Cashman actually succeeds in keeping the money at the end of the story.

Dec. '97 V-Jump: Nazo no petto no Dai-soudou (Riddle of the Big Pet Confusion)
This issue is printed in black-and-white. This manga really does look better in color. Anyway, in this issue, an intergalactic animal poacher comes to Earth. He steals peoples' pets with the intent of cashing in on the new "Earth Pets" fad that is sweeping the rest of the galaxy. It is up to Cashman to catch the poacher, and to collect the 10,000,000 en reward being offered for the return of one of the pets -- a rare "angel cat."

Jan. '98 V-Jump: Kane no Tamago? Soretomo? (The Golden Egg? Plus?)
In the last issue, all but one of the stolen pets had been returned to their owners. Chapat gets stuck with the remaining creature -- a larva-like thing that enjoys watching TV. At some point, it lays an egg that contains 30 grams of gold. Chapat uses his ship's computer to determine that the creature is an alien gives a laugh that sounds like "Gegera Ge - ra" when it lays golden eggs. But, the ship's computer fails before telling them how to make the creature laugh. Chapat and Billy dance and tell jokes, to no avail. They start fighting, and the creature laughs with a "Gerara Ge - ra" when Billy starts crying. However, the egg looks wrong, and contains only a foul stench.

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