The Archived Akira Toriyama Database

   What do you know - it's back. 

What's back, you ask?  Well, during the 1990's, I (Curtis Hoffmann) started working with the legendary anime fan Hitoshi Doi to help summarize the "Dragon Ball" manga chapters as they appeared weekly in Shonen Jump magazine.  Over time, I decided to go all the way and summarize the full series, as well as Toriyama's earlier series, "Dr. Slump".  Eventually, I developed a full database of Toriyama info.  Then, Wikipedia came along, I ran low on server space, Dragon Ball ended, and I drifted off to take up new interests.  The final result was that I wiped my Toriyama files off my server.  But, my friend, Peter, has been asking me to give him my files so he can host them.  So, what the heck - here we are again.  It's back.  (Disclaimer - Toriyama's material is copyright Bird Studio.  My material is copyright Curtis Hoffmann.  No permission granted to reprint without my approval.)

I tried to update my e-mail address on all of the HTML files here, but there's lots of files and I'll probably miss a few.  So, if you want to contact me, I'm at:

Right now, I'm trying to fix these files up before I give them to Peter.  If you notice missing pictures, "noise", or links on TSOTE that are broken (that is, my links, not those of other people) please let me know.

Note also that these files will be pretty much "as-is".  That means that if there are any dead links, mistakes or omissions, I'm not going to fix them (after I give the files to Peter).  Sorry about that, but that's the way this works (or, rather, doesn't work, since I'm not working on this any more).

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