[Curtis' Note: The first six Complete Illustrations books all have interviews with Akira Toriyama at the back of them. These interviews are about 5-6 pages long each, and have been translated by Ian Kelley and Nobu Taguchi (excluding book 3, which hasn't been translated yet; and book 1, which was done by that British club. ;).

Book 7 is different in that there is no interview. Instead, there is only Toriyama's "Thank You" note, translated here by Nobu.

I will take this opportunity to now thank Ian and Nobu for all of their hard work. Thanks Guys!]

From Coffee Table Books Vol. 7, Daizenshuu: Big Encyclopedia
Translated by Nobu Taguchi

With Dragon Ball, I have been in the care of many people. Of course, that includes the many fans from all over the world that have supported me, and I have especially been aided by my three editors (Torishima-san, Kondo-san, and Takeda-san). I have also been helped out a great deal by those involved with Shuueisha, comics, specialty books, animation, TV, movies, toys, games, merchandise, events… etc., plus my wife, my family, and my friends. Goku and the other characters have also worked hard. I am really happy.


Also, many people have cheered me on by sending me many fan letters and presents, and I am really sorry that I haven't been able to answer them at all. Pardon me while I take this opportunity to express my apologies. I am very sorry.


December, 1995
Toriyama Akira