Lost Side of Suburbia References
LSOS created by Kory Merritt

Before you get started, want to try a little trivia quiz?

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  1. Which four GoComics regulars have been mentioned within LSOS, and where?
  2. Which famous cartoonist has been mentioned by name in LSOS, and where?
  3. Which character by a famous cartoonist sells a boat to one of the heroes, and where does that character actually appear in the strip?

  4. What do Gilligan, Bill Keane and Krusty the Clown share in common?
  5. What Steven King character shows up multiple times throughout LSOS?

  6. Flimm is a major force in The Bogey. Where else does he appear in LSOS?
  7. Rafer Frost has been a wanted villian for a long time. Outside of The Bogey, where is he mentioned? Whose phone number is also given in the same panel?
  8. Is Prof. Periwether the only character to attend Brockleport C. C.?

  9. Optional bonus question: What happens to expired Slynderfell ice cream?

  10. Tougher questions: What is Margofs boyfriendfs real name, what does he like to wear, what band is he in, and what instrument does he play?

For the answers, type in the secret weasel word in the URL location box of your browser.