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The Association of Japan Animations (AJA) puts out a map of galleries and museums dedicated to manga artists and illustrators, and a "sister map" of anime-related sightseeing spots.  Most of the below locations come from the AJA map.  Note that as of April, 2010 , a new version of the brochure came out in Japanese, English, Korean and French.  It's still not available online, but you can find copies if you visit the Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara, and maybe by contacting the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) directly.

Where possible, I'll include links to a website or to google maps, or if I've been there I'll include links to my own blog entries (click on the name in the title for that place).  I'm including the Japanese titles and prefecture names to make it easier for you to track them down if needed.  And, if you can add info on some of these locations, it would be greatly appreciated.  (My photos are for places in and around Tokyo I've been able to visit.  If you have photos of your own I can point to, please contact me.)

Curtis, ThreeStepsOverJapan

06/10/10 : Added Gundam statue in Shizuoka.  Added image of brochure.
03/10/10 : Added comments about additional statues at Kameari and Ultra Machi.
11/30/09 : Added entry for Tetsujin 28-go in Kobe.


1) 釣りキチ三平の里づくり
   (Tsurikichi Sanpei Village Images)

"Sanpei the Fisherman" is a popular manga and TV anime series, especially in the town of Yokote, in Akita Prefecture.  Along with having the museum dedicated to it's artist, Yokote has "Sanpei" images on the manhole covers, train cars, etc.
あきた県横手币E(Yokote City, Akita Prefecture)

2) 萬画の国。いしEまぁE
   ( Many pictures country - Ishinomaki )

Ishinomaki City bills itself as the "country of many pictures", and has dedicated itself to the works of Shotaro Ishinomori (Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009), known as the "emperor of manga" due to the volume of manga he created. Along with having a museum for him, the city is decorated with pictures of his characters.
宮城県 石巻币E(Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture)

3) TV アニメ『戦国BASARA]でまちおこぁE
    (TV Anime "Sengoku Basara" town renewal)

The city of Shiroishi, in Miyagi prefecture, has embraced the "Basara" series.  Not only do they hold battle recreations, and have Basara images on the buses and things, but they're even partnered with JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau) to put out a collection of tour books based on the series.  Go to the Shiroishi page and scroll down for pictures.
宮城県 白石币E(Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture)

4) らき。すぁEによる町おこぁE
   (Lucky Star  town renewal)

Washimiya, in Saitama Prefecture, became popular overnight because the "Lucky Star" series is set there and two of the girls work at the shrine as miko.   This link shows some of the places that appear in the anime.
埼玉県 鷲宮町、E幸手币E(Washimiya and Satte, Saitama Prefecture)

5) 春日部市子育て応援 キャラクター『クレヨンシンちめE、E
   ( Assistance for Raising Children - Crayon Shin-chan )

I'm not really sure about this one.  Crayon Shin-chan's family lives in Kasukabe City in Saitama.  In some kind of tie-in, Kasakabe then used the Shin-chan characters to create at least two books, one a map of the city, the other a child rearing guide .
埼玉県 春日部币E(Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture)

6) 鉁EEアトム特別住民発録  アトムが案EEE"すぐそこ新座"発見ウオーキング 
    (Astro Boy Guided Tour of Niiza, Saitama)

I'm not finding info on this one from the Niiza City website .  If you're in Niiza, see if you can find the tourist information office and ask there.  According to the AJA brochure, you can be guided around the city of Niiza
by someone in an Astro Boy costume.
埼玉県 新座币E(Niiza, Saitama Prefecture)

7) のらくろEチE
   ( Norakuroad )

This is a play on "Norakuro" and "Road".  "Norakuro" was a manga that started up prior to WW II.  Its creator, Suiho Tagawa, lived in Morashita, and the store owners turned Takabashi Yomise street into Norakuro Road.  There, you can find Norakuro shirts and sake, plus banners and artwork of the main character, Norakuro.  Google map .
東京省E江東区 (Koutou Ward, In Tokyo)

Lucky Wing Bike Shop

One of the custom motorcycle shops in the Koutou Ward area, Lucky Wing , has artwork on the building from "Space Batleship Yamato".  Located on the main road just south of Ryogoku station on the Sobu line.  Google map .

8) 両津勘吉像、両津勘吉像祭り姿像、少年両さん僁E
    (Ryotsu Figures)

Ryotsu is a popular manga character from "Kochira Kameari". There are two statues of him, one each outside the north and south Kameari train station exits.  The north statue is right in front of the exit; and the south one is off to the right about 100 feet, near the police box.  The convenience stores sell Kochira Kameari-shaped cookie and cracker packages, and there may be a goods shop a short distance from the south exit.

A recent story (03/05/10) running in the Japan Times newspaper announced the addition of 5 more statues of other characters from the manga to join the "3 already there".  Not sure if that was a typo, or if a third statue had been added that I didn't know about.  Google map .  ( Reviewed here .)
東京省E葛飾区 (Katsushika Ward, Tokyo)

9) 記念碑『トキワ荘EヒEローたち、E
    ( Monument "Tokiwa Manor Heroes" )

There's a plaque dedicated to the manga artists (Tezuka, Ishinomori Fujio Fujiko, et.al) that had lived in Tokiwa Manor when it still stood in Toshima Ward.  It's located a little west of JR Ikebukuro station, southwest of Shiinamachi station off the Seibu-Ikebukuro line.  Google map . ( More photos here .)
東京省E豊島区 (Toshima Ward, Tokyo)

10) 高田馬場周辺まちおこし事業
      ( Takadanobaba Area Revitalization Project )

Tezuka's Production studio was near Takadanobaba station (JR Yamanote line), and Astro Boy himself was born here within the Tetsuwan Atomu timeline, in 2003.  This area is actually fairly close to where Tokiwa Manor once stood, so you can visit both the Tokiwa monument (#9) and the revitalization project one after the other.  There's a series of five banners featuring Tezuka's main characters (Black Jack, 3-Eyes, Kimba, Atom and Ribon Knight) along Waseda Dori starting from the west side of the station.  In front of the station, underneath the train lines themselves, are two large murals featuring all of Tezuka's "star" characters. Google map .
東京省E新宿区 (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)

11) 桜新町サザエさん通り
      ( Sakura Shinmachi Sazae-san Road )

Machiko Hasegawa, creator of "Sazae-san", collected a lot of artwork over her lifetime, and she donated it to an art gallery named after herself.  The street leading from the main road up to the gallery is decorated with
"Sazae-san" characters.  Google map .
東京省E世田谷区 (Setagaya Ward, Tokyo)

12) 機動戦士ガンダムモニュメンチE/a>
Kido Senshi Gundam Monument )

A statue was put up honoring Gundam, just outside the Kamiigusa station, on the Seibu Shinjuku line, 10 stops west of Takadanobaba.  There are also banners of Gundam on the streets around the station and a painting of 2 of the giant robots on the shutter doors of one shop.  More Gundam figures can be found at the Sunrise offices one block east of the station.  Google map .
東京省E杉並区 (Suginami Ward, Tokyo)

13) 大泉学園駁E誉駁E『銀河鉁E999』車掌さん
      ( Ouizumi Gakuen, Mr. Conductor, from "Galaxy Express 999" )

Ouizumi Gakuen, in Nerima, is home to Toei Studios.  The Ouizumi Gakuen train station has a statue of the "Galaxy Express 999" conductor, and there's a mural based on the series on the outside of the station.  At the moment, there are 3 banners on the wall inside the station, and two vending machines made up to look like Maetel (just inside the ticket gates) and Mr. Conductor (on the main platform).  Little banners on the light poles are scattered on the street leading to Toei, and above the banners are little sculptures of 999.  The Seibu line is also running two trains painted with artwork from Galaxy Express 999, but they're not on a fixed schedule and you need to contact the main Seibu station to find out where they are at any given time. Google map .
東京省E練馬区 (Nerima Ward, Tokyo)

14) 天神通り啁EE会鬼太郎モニュメンチE
      ( Tenjin Street Merchant Association Monument to Kitaro )

The merchants in the city of Chofu (just west of Shinjuku on the Keio line) paid for statues of the "Gegege no Kitaro" characters to line Tenjin Street, leading from the Chofu station to Tenjin shrine. Google map .
東京省E調币EE(Chofu City, Tokyo)

Also within a couple of miles of Chofu is the temple grounds of Jindai-ji (you can take a bus from the Chofu station).  Along with the soba restaurants and souvenir shops near the main shrine parking grounds is a "Gegege no Kitaro" goods shop and a small art gallery on the second floor.  Google map .

14A) Ultra Town

Soshigaya-Okura bills itself as "Ultra Machi" (or, "Ultraman Town").  There are posters from the TV series on the pillars within the station, banners featuring the various villains along the streets in the area, and of course, the life-sized (at the moment) statue of Ultraman in the plaza just outside the main exit.  There are three "flying Ultraman" replicas about 1-2 miles from the station, one each along the 3 streets leading from the station.  To find them, first go to the Ultraman goods shop, which is a coffee shop 2-3 blocks past the Kaldi store (the coffee shop has an old sightseeing map on their counter).  Soshigaya-Okura is southwest of Shinjuku on the Odakyu line, one stop short of Seijogakuen-mae.  Google map .

15) みずほプロジェクチE~ 2017年の木崎湖も美しく背景原画屁E
     (Mizuho Project - Year 2017 Restoration)

There's an "Onegai" anime series, which is being used as a tie-in (I guess) for a beautification project in Omachi.
長野県 大町币E(Omachi City, Nagano)

16) サマEウオーズの里『信州上田、E
      ( Summer Wars Village, "Shinshu Ueda" )

The "Summer Wars" anime features a number of locations from Ueda, in Nagano.
長野県 上田币E(Ueda City, Nagano)

17) はままつ福市長 ウナギイチE
     ( Unagi-inu, Hamamatsu Good Will Mayor )

"Tensai Bakabon's" Unagi-Inu (eel dog) is the honorary mayor of the town of Hamamatsu, in Shizuoka. 
静岡省E浜松币E(Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka)

17a) Life-sized Gundam
During the Summer of 2009, Bandai constructed a 59-foot tall (18 meter) "life-size" replica of the Gundam robot in the Odaiba waterfront district in Tokyo, in part because of the 30th anniversary of the series and to promote environmentally-friendly activities.  At the end of August, the robot was dismantled and put into storage. In June, it was announced that it would find a permanent home near the Higashi-Shizuoka train station in Shizuoka, where Bandai has a factory.  It should be open to the public from July 24, 2010.  Google map .

18) 新潟EンガストリーチE
      ( Niigata Manga Street )

The city of Niigata is promoting some of the works of artists living in the area, or who occasionally visit.  There are statues of characters from "Dokaben", and artwork from "Inuyasha" on the buses.  Some photos can be seen here .
新潟県 新潟币E(Niiga City, Niiga Prefecture)

19) 新潟市観光循環バス
     (Niigata City Tour Bus)

This is part of the description of #18.  You can take a 1-hour tour of the city on manga-themed buses.
新潟県 新潟币E(Niiga City, Niiga Prefecture)

20) TVアニメ[TRUE TEARS]の舞台  全国皁EめずらしぁEニメーション
      (TV Anime "True Tears" stage; a city with an unusual
       animation studio)

The anime studio that produced "True Tears" is apparently located in Nanto City, in Toshima.  According to the Nanto website , there's artwork from the show at one of the train stations. 
富山省E南砺币E(Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture)

21) 湊川カラクリ時計『虹の橋、Eハットリくん列軁E
     ( Minato-gawa Riverwalk "Rainbow Bridge" / Hattori-kun Train )

The city of Himi has characters from "Hattori-kun" lining the river walkway.  They also have artwork from the TV series on the local trains.
富山省E氷見币E( Himi City, Toyama Prefecture )

22) 敦賀市シンボルローチE
      ( Tsuruga City Symbol Road )

20 bronze statues line the streets in Tsuruga City, dedicated to the works of Leiji Matsumoto ("Space Battleship Yamato" and "Galaxy Express 999").
福井県 敦賀币E(Fukui, Fukui Prefecture)

23) リボンの騎士プロジェクチE
      ( Ribon Knight Project )

"Ribon Knight" was one of Tezuka's more popular titles, heavily influenced by the performances of the all-female troupe, Takarazuka.  In turn, the City of Takarazuka, has embraced "Ribon Knight".
兵庫省E宝塚币E(Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Tetsujn 28-go Statue
The merchants in the city of Kobe have banded together to highlight their recovery from the big 1995 earthquake, by commissioning the construction of an 18-meter tall full-scale permanent statue of Tetsujin 28-go (known in the U.S. as "Gigantor").

24) 朝霧の巫女を歩こう
     (Asagiri no Miko Walk)

"Asagiri no Miko" is set at a shrine in Miyoshi, near Hiroshima City.  You can walk around Miyoshi and see places that were used for the sets in the TV series.  Photos from the August, 2009 city walk and stamp rally are here .
庁E省E三次币E(Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

25) 山口ふるさと特別大使
     (Special Ambassador for Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Characters from "Mau Mai Shin-ko" are used as special "ambassadors" to the Yamaguchi Prefectural area.  According to the Yahoo article , character posters can be found in the Haneda airport terminal in Tokyo for flights departing to the Yamaguchi airport .
山口省E( Yamaguchi Prefecture )

26) 島耕作バス
      ( Shima Kosaku Bus )

Shima Kosaku is a fictional company president in the manga that runs in "Morning" magazine.  The city of Iwakuni put his picture on their buses.   Photos can be found here .
山口省E岩国币E(Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

27) 鬼太郎E軁E
     (Kitaro Train)

At least one statue of Kitaro, from "Gegege no Kitaro) can be found in Sakai Minato City, and the there's a train painted up with characters from the show.
鳥取県 墁E币E( Sakai Minato City , Tottori Prefecture).

28) コナン通り
     ( Conan Street )

Hokuei proclaims itself to be "Conan Town".  Statues of Conan can be found in the area, and the manhole covers are decorated with Conan's likeness as well.
鳥取県 北栁E (Hokuei City, Tottori Prefecture)

29) アンパンマン列軁E
      (Anpan-man Train)

Various JR train lines on the island of Shikoku are painted with characters from Anpan-man.  Artwork can be seen here .
主に予讁E。土讁E。高徳線。徳島線で運衁E(Yosan, Dosan, Koutoku and Tokushima lines in Shikoku)

30) 北九州空港 銀河鉁E999 。メーチEロボッチE
      (Kita-Kyushu Airport Galaxy Express 999 - Maetel Robot)

There is a robot version of Maetel (ironic, no?) in the terminal lobby of the Kita-Kyushu airport , in Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu.  A photo of her can be seen on the wiki page .
福岡省E北九州币E(Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture)