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The Story of Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump is a gag manga by Akira Toriyama. It starts with Senbe Norimaki, a brilliant if erratic inventor, building a robot in the shape of a young girl. He names the robot "Arale" ("senbe norimaki" is a kind of rice cracker; "arale" is a smaller rice cracker. Dr. Slump is full of these kinds of puns.) Arale is enrolled in an elementary school, as a test to see if she is designed well enough to fit in with the rest of society. Arale actually is very strange -- being super strong, and liking to play to dog turds -- but the rest of Penguin Village is just as weird, and no one complains about her.

The succeeding stories are mainly parodies of various movies and Japanese TV shows. But, there is also a sort of unfolding drama, as Senbe falls in love with Arale's teacher, and eventually marries her. They even have a son, named Turbo. In the final volumes, Toriyama throws in more, longer multi-part stories, that always have some stupid joke at the end.

With the creation of the video game magazine "V-Jump", Toriyama revived his characters with a continuing serial manga in V-Jump. However, most of the new stories were written by Toriyama's studio staff, and are not as good as the originals. Sometime in 1996, the New Dr. Slump disappeared from the pages of V-Jump.

The Dr. Slump TV series ran from April, 1981, to Feb., 1986. During the revival of the story in V-Jump, there were a few short movies released to the theaters (as part of a triple-feature.) Each of the movies have seen print in the form of Jump Anime Comics.

As with Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump has been translated into many different languages, and has appeared in quite a few different countries. Beginning with January 1997, an Italian version of the manga has apeared in print. Dr. Slump is not as popular on Internet as Dragon Ball is, but there are a few web pages geared to this manga, with most of the current interest being in Europe.

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