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Akira Toriyama is not merely a manga artist: he is also a super-powerful corporation, a force to be reckoned with in the manga world in Japan. He has woven strong contacts with Shonen Jump magazine, due to the amazing successes they have both had with Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball. So, when the Jump publishing corporation decided to create a magazine dedicated to video gaming -- V-Jump -- it was not too surprising that Toriyama would have a few fingers in the new pie. Over time, Toriyama has run a number of manga through the pages of V-Jump. Most of these manga were actually written and drawn by staff artists from Toriyama's studio, and were subsequently not exactly what we would have expected from Toriyama himself.

The below titles are the long-running series that appeared in V-Jump. I don't have much more info on them, so if anyone can help fill in the gaps, or is willing to host this page on their web site, please let me know.

Creator Credits

Takao Koyama Scenerio writer for the New Dr. Slump, and Cashman, Savings Soldier. (He may have been responsible for Go! Go! Akuman, as well.)

Born 1948, in Tokyo.
Debuted with the TV show "Inaka-pe Taishou".
Worked on Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z, and many other shows as a writer.

Katsuoshi Nakatsuru Artist for the New Dr. Slump, and Cashman, Savings Soldier. (He may have worked on Go! Go! Akuman, as well.)

Born 1962, in Ooita.
Joined the Toei Studios artist staff in 1981.
Worked on Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Slump Arale-chan, and others as an artist.

Satoko Asai Colorist on the New Dr. Slump. Satoko is not given direct credit on the manga covers. But, the color manga is what's called a "cel comic". That is, it's created just as if it was going to be filmed for an anime series. The first volume of the New Dr. Slump manga demonstrates how cel comics are made, and shows a photo of Satoko deciding which colors to use for each of the characters, and directing the people that actually paint in all of the panels.

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The New Dr. Slump

With the creation of the video game magazine "V-Jump", Toriyama revived his characters from the original
Dr. Slump manga (starting in Feb., 1993). However, most of the new stories were written and drawn by Koyama and Nakatsuru. If you love the original manga, you probably won't care for the new series. However, the new stories and artwork are pretty good if they are judged on their own merits. And, there's lots of gag cameo appearances by other Toriyama characters (Gokuu, Toruneko, and the Dragon Questers all show up along the way. One story also featured a parody of Bruce Willis from "Die Hard".) A few new characters were added to the Penguin Village cast, and the stories were updated to make fun of the technology of the mid-1990's (several gags revolve around virtual reality game systems.) Some of the character designs were modified, becoming a little more square and blocky ala the later Dragon Ball Z episodes. In Sept., 1996, the New Dr. Slump ended.

There are a total of four takubon (collected volumes) of the New Dr. Slump. They are pretty hard to find -- since I've only seen one store that carries them out of all the places that I have visited.

I have read all four volumes, and I really like them. There's some strange ideas that Toriyama himself never would have come up with, and occasionally some of the best artwork I've ever seen. (During one Halloween party, the adults are supposed to go through a graveyard and brave the "ghosts" that are played by the kids. Senbee discovers a cache of girly magazines. The other adults have a picnic supper. Akane, dressed as a vampire, is so angry that no one is trying to reach the goal that she smashes Senbee in the head with a mace, and sends his upper teeth down through his jaw. The result is so scary that when the real monsters show up, they run away in fear. The image of Senbee in this scene is great. In another story, Turbo gives Arale an adult body, which is really sexy. But, the robot's brain is still only 10-years old, making for some beautiful scenes as she runs around at mach speeds.)

Nitoro-chan no tanjoubi
Nitro-chan's Birthday
ISDN4-08-806003-2 C9979 650 yen
Kaitou hoyoyo dan 2
The Hoyoyo Cat Burglars, #2
ISDN4-08-806007-5 C9979 650 yen
Ai no yuki daruma monogatari
The Snowman of Love Story
ISDN4-08-806010-5 C9979 650 yen
Sayonara Bye-cha
Farewell, 'Bye
ISDN4-08-806011-3 C9979 650 yen

New Characters

Scenerio WriterTakao Koyama
Artist Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

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Go! Go! Ackman

About the time that the New Dr. Slump started, Toriyama also created Go! Go! Ackman, a twisted series about the demon-boy Ackman who sets out to find good-priced souls, and to kill people in town. Ackman runs around with a machine-gun, trying to off anyone that his demon father wants to have brought down to His domain. The harder it is to get a soul, the more points that Ackman receives for them. A gag series, Ackman's biggest enemy is a diaper-wearing angel that is determined to stop him. This story was turned into three video games for the Nintendo Super Famicom system, and it ended sometime in 1996.

Scenerio Writer???
Artist ???

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Cashman, Savings Soldier

Back in 1990, Cashman, Savings Soldier appeared in V-Jump #12 as a three-part one-shot. In that story, a crash-landed alien rescued people to raise money for a new space ship.

Toriyama's staff resurrected this manga, turning it into a series with V-Jump #6, 1997. This time, the alien, named "Jiora", has taken over the identity of a small-town Earth cop named "Chapat". Chapat had been brain-damaged when he was hit by the landing strut of Jiora's ship. Jiora takes over Chapat's body to work in the Slope Town police force, to raise money to refuel his ship (his ship runs on gold, which is very expensive to buy on Earth.) In the first chapter, as Cashman, Jiora foils a bank robbery, charging the bank 50,000 ien (a play on "yen") for the work. Later, Jiora gets Chapat's paycheck, for 150,000 ien. Only to discover that Chapat owes 200,000 ien to his boss and co-workers.

Scenerio WriterTakao Koyama
Artist Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

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