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Dragon Ball GT is the sequel to the Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z TV series. Basically, when the manga ended, and subsequently the TV show, a number of people involved with product tie-ins hated to see such a cash cow disappear so quickly. So, the sequel was created, with Toriyama as artistic advisor, and the scriptwriters at Toei Studios as the ones generating the actual story.

Many western DBZ fans hated the new show, partly because of the modified character designs. However, the target audience is a younger group of Japanese kids, and they ate up the show as expected. Since the writers wanted to return to the slapstick toilet humor that helped make the original Dragon Ball so successful, the first few episodes of the new series had little combat and more character development. Which of course did not make the dissatisfied American fans any happier.

But, the core element of Dragon Ball is obviously one-on-one fighting. So, of course, Gokuu, Trunks, and Pan run into increasingly strong enemies, and the combats take longer and longer to resolve. Which naturally caught the attention of the hardcore DBZ fans.

In fact, DBGT is a good series by itself. The Toei scriptwriters put a lot of thought and planning into laying out the plotlines well in advance. And, Toriyama spent a fair amount of time creating idea sketches to help flesh out the nature of the DBGT universe, and the enemies that live in it.

In May of 1997, the Dragon Ball GT Perfect File book hit the shelves in Japan. This book describes all of the characters, planning, and world elements in detail, leading up to the beginning of the Super #17 story arc. It includes some teasers for the Evil Dragons story arc that follows the defeat of Super #17.

The file that you are reading is dedicated to explaining the DBGT universe, based on the information found in the Dragon Ball GT -- Perfect File book.

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Notes Concerning the Show Itself

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Notes Concerning the Dragon Balls (Ultimate and Normal)

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Notes Concerning Saiya-jin

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Notes Concerning Tsufuru-jin

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Notes About Specific Characters

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Notes About the Planets

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Q&A Section

This is supposedly secret information that has never been given to the public before.

Q: Why was Gokuu turned into a child?
A: The scriptwriters felt that it would be too hard to do anything with the adult Gokuu after he defeated Majin Buu. Further, the show has always revolved around Gokuu's growing stronger. So, the writers decided to make him a child again, and take away his teleport ability. Even so, Gokuu is still Gokuu, and as the fight with Baby shows, he is still very strong.

Q: What does "GT" mean?
A: Great Touring . and/or
Galaxy Touring - GT has both meanings.
In actuality, it was just the name for Toriyama's rough design work, and may have come from the initials for Gokuu and Trunks. Incidentally, the other suggested titles were "21", "Z 2", "WW (Wonder World)", and "G-Up (Growing-Up)".

Q: Why were Gokuu, Trunks, and Pan selected as the main members?
A: Gokuu was a given. Pan was the second choice because she's the granddaughter of Mr. Satan and Gokuu, and had growth potential. The third person could have been anyone. Trunks was decided on to add balance, and because he could operate the ship. He also has Vejiita's power and is Bulma's child (giving him a clear head.)

Q: Why is the character of the current Trunks different from that of little Trunks?
A: Little Trunks was a naughty child. The grown up Trunks is very serious. Why? The staff felt that Future Trunks had a serious nature, so they decided that that's how Trunks would behave in this timeline. That, and people change as they age. For the same reason, the staff decided that Goten would become more impertinent as a young adult.

Q: Why did Vejiita shave off his moustache?
A: Vejiita was given the moustache to make him look more sauve. The standard expectation is that many Japanese fans complained about it in their letters to the studio. The truth is, Toriyama's daughter once said that she thought Vejiita would look better without it. Eventually, the staff writers heard about this comment, and thought "well, why not." The result was for Bra to tell her father that the moustache did not suit him.

Q: Why did the staff create SSJ4?
A: (Roughly) To have something more powerful than Baby, which was supposed to be more powerful than any Saiya-jin or Tsufuru-jin. So, the staff said, "Let's do SSJ4!" Further, they decided to tie this in to "the Legendary once in a thousand years Super Saiya-jin" concept. Which led to Gokuu being given a red body instead of the normal golden one.

Q: Why was the galaxy chosen as the stage for this story?
A: Gokuu is the ultimate fighter! Therefore, there was no way to create a stronger enemy on Earth. Instead, the staff worked on the concept of having Gokuu go into space. This gave them the additional Tsufuru-jin angle, and the chance to create a new enemy -- Baby.

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Dragon Ball GT Timeline



238 The appearance of the Super Saiya-jin, according to the legends.

720-730 The war between the Saiya-jin and the Tsufuru-jin. During this time, the Tsufuru scientists perfected their genetic sciences. This led to the Tsufuru King putting his cellular material into space.

The Tsufuru-jin lost the war, and the planet was renamed to Planet Vejiita.

731 The Saiya-jin hire on as Freeza's mercenaries.

732 Birth of Prince Vejiita.

735 The ship carrying Baby travels through space, tending to Baby. He begins plotting his revenge on the Saiya-jin, and makes plans to turn the universe into the new home of the Tsufuru-jin.

~735 The beginning of several civil wars erupting amongst the Saiya-jin fighters.

737 Birth of Kakarot (Gokuu.) Vejiita and Gokuu's father Bardock fight against Freeza, and are killed. Gokuu is shot into space to go to Earth. Many of Freeza's warriors die in the explosion of Planet Vejiita. The only living Saiya-jin left are Gokuu, his older brother Radditz, Prince Vejiita, and Vejiita's underling Nappa.

740 Baby creates Dr. Myuu. Because Baby needs lots of energy, he programs Myuu to create the Machine Mutants, which leads to the development of Ruudo and all of the other mutants.

760~770 Dr. Myuu finds an alien named "Rirudo" and turns him into the Machine Mutant Shogun Rirudo. Shogun Rirudo uses his powers to complete the creation of planet M2. The mutants on M2 begin gathering energy to be sent to Baby.

766 Trunks is born.

767 Goten is born.

768 Doll-tackii becomes one of Dr. Myuu's employees. Doll-Tackii is set to the task of gathering energy for M2's greatest mutant -- Ruudo. Doll-tackii is apparently well-suited to this task, and he begins working on Planet Ruudo to get Ruudo powered-up.

779 Pan is born.

780 Bra is born.

789 Gokuu, Pan, and Trunks go to outer space.

789 Gokuu encounters Baby after 9 months in space. Baby needs more power to defeat Gokuu, so he goes to Earth and takes over nearly everyone there. Baby uses the Ultimate Dragon Balls to create Planet Tsufuru.

789 Gokuu goes SSJ4.

The deciding battle between the greatest Saiya-jin warrior (Gokuu), and the last surviving true Tsufuru-jin (Baby). This battle results in the complete ruin of the Tsufuru-jin.

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