Gakken Pages

This is not an official Gakken site!

It's not even a fan site. It's just that I like to build stuff, and because I live in Japan, it's easy to get Gakken kits when they come out. I also write a lot. I had been storing my pages on google's knol system, but since knol is being discontinued, and I can't stand the new product they're rolling out in its place (annotanum), I've moved my Gakken pages to tsoj.manga.org. If you have any questions, comments or corrections, let me know.

List of Gakken Kits
Gakken Kit Rankings
Mods to the Otona no Kagaku Kits
GMC-4 Programming Instruction Set
List of Circuits for the Denshi Mini Blocks Kit

Working with the Japanino