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GoComics began running Carol Lay's Lay Lines in Jan., 2015.
Because Lay Lines consists of a mix of one-pagers and longer serialized stories, I've decided to collect the links to them here.
And, because there are SO MANY of them, I've put Story Minutes in its own page.

Curtis Hoffmann

Long-Format Stories
StoriesNotes and Specials
The Thing Under the Futon Je Suis Charlie
Now, Endsville Turducken
Invisible City Invisible City Intro
  Getting Ducks Put into a Row
  Buster Kitten
  2016 Silver Linings
  Turtle Search and Rescue
  2017: Year in Review
Murderville Series 
The One That Got Away Murderville Intro
Knit One Knit One Intro
A Farewell to Armories  
Art Attack Art Attack Intro
Tourist Season Tourist Season Intro
  Taking a Break
  Busy as Bats

All's Well That Ends Well The Little Drubber Boy
Liar's Club California King
New Year, 2004 2015 Recap, Personal Edition
Resolutions Lazy 8
Wiz Dumb In the cards
The Landlady Clunker
Advice and Consent Driven to Therapy
The Invisibles Busted
Laid Off Dark Stars
Falling Stars Average Joe
Sky Writer Angry Old Birds
Foley Realized Worlds Apart
A Doom With a View Paradox Lost
Utopia Tastefool
The Gold Bug The Midas Virus
Setting Things Right UFOMG
Creation Myth Fish Tale
Shrink Rap The Ul-Tomato
The Other Rapunzel The Hair Club for Men
Sphinxter Spark Joy
Acting Well Here's Looking at You, Kid
The Problem Fairy A Million Dollars
Not-Even-Close Encounters Soup Strainers of the Stars
Momster Hey U
Hot Dog Anger Danger
Good Grief Tree Wars
Earworm 2017
Non-Stop The High Road
True Chicken Story Dystopian Funnies
No Bikini Atoll Truth, Beauty, Hope and Wisdom
New and Improved Fact Free
The Idea Store Pie in the Sky
Burnt Bridges Cartoon Hell
Statue of Limitations For Want of a Better World
Seen, but not believed Space Medic
Job Creation Loopy
The Chance Emporium The Chance Enhancer
Last Chance Family Feud
Hatza-Ha, A Newbie's Guide Sound Effects of Cozumel
I Stole This Story Local-Motion, Cozumel
Fortune Kooky Jumbo's Clown Room
The ID Lid Put a Lid On It
Who's the Boss> One Id in Idiot
Punch Drunks Sabotage
Mr. Head-Butter The Optimists
Material Girls Running on Empty
Liquor World The Bad Attraction
Skins and Needles Abusement Park
Long in the Tooth The Vampire State
Twins, Piqued The Return of the Id
The Wishing Well Worst Case
Money Mountain Flipping
Hats Off Body Shopping
Map Quest Mr. Head's Pond
Day of the Dead Art Crass
Advice Versa Head Games
What Gives? That's Rich
Money to Burn Narcissippi
Cattitude On Reflection
On the Horns of a Dilemma The Present