GoComics List

GoComics began running Carol Lay's Lay Lines in Jan., 2015.
Because Lay Lines consists of a mix of one-pagers and longer serialized stories, I've decided to collect the links to them here.
And, because there are SO MANY of them, I've put non-Story Minutes links in their own page.

Curtis Hoffmann

Story Minutes
Foretell it Like it Is Symbiosis
Multiple Choice Street Wise
Potion Parts The Joy Division
Luck, Shmuck Foot, Loose
Mr. Discomfort Crap Shoot
Licker is Quicker Odd Odds
The Urge to Purge Pandora Jr.
Time Store Back Story
Laughing Academy Evil Clowns
Chow Chow The Great Escape
Hard-Boiled Defective Laugh Tracker
Prison The Princess and the Pea
Gossip's Fables Out of Sight
The Shirt Monkey Do
A Fate Accompli Gardian Angel
Momster Anticipearance
Star-Crossed Lovers Bad Good Luck
Dueling Bimbos Sticker Shock
Sir Reality, Pt. 1 Dream Reaper, Pt. 2
Beautiful Dreamer, Pt. 3 The Dream Machine, Pt. 4
Dream On, Part 5 Baggage Claim
Rest in Pieces Splice of Life
Butterfly Therapy Disappearing Act
Road Signs Advance Copy
Wish Fulfillment Careless
Charmed Life A Fine Mess
Interior Designs Backup
Unhappyland Faust Love
Human Guinea Pigs Wishboner
Big White Lies Absolute Perfection
Divining Intervention Head
Dillusing It No Contest
Any Time The Investment
Splitsville Retribution
Damaged Goods Beauty
Pygmaniac Modem Romance
The Paper Palace The Creator
No One's Ark Hair Do's and Don'ts
Reflected Glory Passive-Aggressive Axe-Murderer
Mr. Malibu The Best Man
Road Trip Better to Give
Mystic Pizza-Face Door Mat
Ball and Chain Collaborative Effort
Obsessed No Surprise
Time Capsule Feelings
Matchless Star Stuck
Gene Pool To Err a Parent
Space In By the Book
Poor Relations Uniformless
Death Sentences Catabolism
Lock and Key No Promises
Vanity Fair Complimental
Masquerade Booby-Hatched
Devil in Disguise Atavision
The Invisible Friend Pressure
Viruses Last Ride
Forever Young Stopping Clocks
The Age of Essences Generation Exit
Planet Mensa Dumb Luck
The End The Ties that Bind
To Bee or Not to Bee Eating Out
World Views X-Ray Eyes
Ante Cat No Thanks for the Memories
Forget About It, Inc. Clean Slate
Repeat Performance Penmanship Counts
Assertified Spaced Out
Less is Less T.V. or not T.V...?
Nice Guys Finish The Homely House
Credit Due Water World
Unnatural Selection Mr. Know-it-all
Desert Rat White Male Blackmail
Mixed Blessing Mirage a trois
Women who run with the skunks Atlantis at Last
Game Show Big Game Show
Soul Survivor The Yambolas
Brain Distrust So Saurian
Universal Joint God Complex
Cupid Tunnel of Love
Unreal Estate Life Sentence
The Millionaire Chain Mailer
P.O.V. The Critic
Spring Cleaning Misfortune Hunter
Bidder Fruits Box Boys
Hell's Belle Bad news Bearer
Life... Take Two Hate Crimes
Creating a Monster The Ace of Clubs
Stress Test Mr. Left
No Brain, No Pain The Final Insult
Underground Cinema Femme Fatale
Rebel Without an Effect Talkin' Turkey
The Willful Woman Summer Stalk
Bullet Trained Onwego
Good Grief Ad Infinitum
Black Cat Dead Ringer
Animal crackers Beauty Queen
Mexican Stand-Off Interfering Nature
Gene Genie The Fame Game
Dumb Animals Bribery Will Get You Nowhere
Angel Bait Picture This
Daub Job The Brush-Off
Baby Face Trade Secrets
Role Model Bill's Barnacle
Sounds Bite The Ghost Next Door