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Welcome to the Geobreeders database. As I've been reviewing the manga that had run in Young King Ours magazine, I've been amassing a fair amount of information on the characters and the storyline. While some of this information also appears in the English wiki page, there are no pictures of the characters there. I don't really want to duplicate efforts too much, so if you want more specific descriptions of one of the main characters, check the cast list section of the wiki.

Geobreeders is the creation of Akihiro Itou, and all rights belong to their owners. The pictures used within this database are for educational purposes only. The first few volumes are still available in the U.S. in Engish, so if you like this site, then PLEASE BUY THE MANGA!!!. Actually, buy the manga anyway, it's fun!

- Curtis Hoffmann, ThreeStepsOverJapan.

Character List
   Kagura, Ver. 04
   Random Vehicles
   Kagura, Ver. 01
   Kagura, Ver. 03

An Intro to Geobreeders, with SPOILERS
Manga Volume Covers and Summaries
File.X and File.XX OAV Summaries
About Akihiro Itou


Itou tried to start a third part to the Geobreeders saga just before he took ill. So far, I only know of 3 chapters, which haven't been published in collected form yet. I put the scanillated pages here.

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