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The Story of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a gag/adventure manga by
Akira Toriyama, based on the old Chinese Monkey King legends.

Dragon Ball started out as a gag manga, with adventure elements. But, by volume 14, Toriyama switched focus and concentrated on the martial arts aspects. According to various sources, Toriyama was beginning to burn out on Dragon Ball around the Freeza storyline. However, his editor pressured him to keep going. Finally, Toriyama took Dragon Ball as far as he wanted, and wrapped it up at the end of volume 42, in the summer of 1995.

Dragon Ball Z was a name change for the TV series, that reflected the change in focus mentioned above. But, the manga has always been named Dragon Ball.

Because Dragon Ball has been a hugely successful marketing vehicle (promoting products as diverse as clocks, posters, curry rice, eye drops, and children's study desks), many promotional agencies demanded that a replacement TV series fill the gap left behind by Dragon Ball. Thus was created Dragon Ball: GT. Toriyama was retained as artistic consultant, but no longer had direct input to the storyline and there is no manga to accompany the TV anime.

Apparently, DBGT was intended to end around April, 1997. However, the latest DBGT video game for the Sony Play Station had to be released before the end of the show, and the game missed its first deadline. So, the DBGT TV series was extended for a few more episodes, until the new game could be released at the end of August, 1997.

DBGT ended its TV run on Nov. 19, 1997. The New Dr. Slump TV show took over DBGT's timeslot the following week.

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